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A Perfect Birthday for a Perfect Baby

Yesterday we celebrated Emily's first year birthday! Here is how we celebrated!

1. Woke up and watched Elmo's World. I've mentioned before how this is her favorite 15 minutes.
2. Ate breakfast. Normally this means Gerber Oatmeal with cinnamon and apples or something like that. This morning- chocolate chip pancakes! I am a nice mom. These were funny to watch her eat because once she picked up that there were chocolate chips in them she would look at the piece I gave her and if she couldn't see a chocolate chip she would throw it to the side of her high chair towards the dogs. She is pretty much the cutest, smartest baby ever.

3. After her morning nap, Emily, myself (Allison), and Grandma Kathy went to the petting zoo! Emily loves animals. Real ones, stuffed ones, books, plastic ones, ones on tv, anything animal she LOVES. There was this huge area full of bunnies and guinea pigs. She squealed and giggled and petted and poked and had just a marvelous time. There was also a pen of goats that were pretty cool, some llamas that had nasty tongues, ducks, chickens, a turtle, pigs, horses, ponies, and lots of birds. It was a fun adventure for our little 1 year old. 

4. After the petting zoo came a much needed nap to prepare for her upcoming PARTY!! While She napped we got the party ready. We had a bbq so Justin cooked the hamburgers and made guacamole, Kathy made a delicious dip and potato salad, I made fruit salad, and the birthday cakes! We set up balloons, crate paper, and pictures of our little one with a few little momentos.

5. THE PARTY!! We had over Justin's Aunt Kelli, Grandma Judy, our friends Ryan and Missy, my brother Matt and his wife Christy, and of course Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Kris, and Uncle Kody. We started by eating our delicious dinner and then opened presents. After only a couple presents, Emily caught on to the ripping paper, pulling our tissue and that something fun is inside all of these packages! Here is a break down of the fun things Emily received:
Cute outifts (for now and to grow into yay!), a Princess Leah Mrs. Potato head, 4 new books!!, a singing puppy dog, a puzzle, a Baby Einstein movie, a gift card to go pick out some fun new things, a new car seat and a rocking horse from Grandpa Kris! In the mail Emily received some money to get new things, a baby Nativity set, some farm Legos, and Leo the Lion push toy! Thanks Grandma.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness!

After presents it was- drumroll please- cake time! This post is about emily-not me- but I do want to quickly add that I had so much fun making these little cakes. They took forever, but I think they're pretty cute. (They are giraffes if you can't tell- I forgot to point the ears and add the little antenna things). Okay, so Emily had her own cake that she ate very lady like. She picked and poked and with a little prodding eventually just went mouth first. She was pretty messy at the end, but it was definitely worth it. She even shared a messy kiss with her daddy. 
Thanks again to everyone who came. It was such a special day for us, we appreciate you celebrating with us. 

6. The after party. After everyone left we cleaned little miss cake up and she played with her new toys. She rode her horse, and even snuggled up with Grandpa to read some stories. It was a long, but very fun eventful day! The biggest lesson learned this year is that time flies by! 

We Love our little Emily. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Boston - Here we come

So it's December 1st and to all prospective dental students this is a special day because it's the day that dental schools can officially accept their students.  Well, today after work I (Justin) checked my email and Boston University sent me a letter congratulating me on my acceptance.  Hooray!!!!  Needless to say we are very happy about it.  Unless another school comes up with another offer we will probably be on our way to Boston.  We are Cougars who are excited to become Terriers as well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A busy Friday!

Last Friday was a LONG day. Emily and I started early at 9:30 and drove down to San Diego, which is about an hour away. Our first stop was Sea World. We went there a few months ago and I thought Emily would really like the animals. While she was great, I don't really feel like she understood a lot of what was going on. She still loves animals so I took her back again. This time was a little different. When we went through the penguin exhibit she would point and laugh and try to reach to the glass. It was so fun, we rode the little conveyer belt 3 or 4 times. The shark exhibit was similar. She would point at a shark and watch it swim around. There is also an observation wall where you can stand by the glass and look straight into it at the sharks and there was also one for dolphins. She watched and got a kick out of them swim around for a while.

The highlight of this trip though was seeing the giant Elmo. I do not know what it is about that little red creature, but Emily digs him. She watches the Elmo's world segment completely mesmerized every single day. So when she saw this creature moving around in front of her, it was almost too much for her to handle. She kicked her legs and squealed with excitement. She kept petting him like a puppy. It was pretty fun. Then when we saw Big Bird, she really didn't care too much for him, and only wanted Elmo back. 

Sea World wins for having the BEST kids play area. There is a place for even the tiniest of tots to play. The above picture is Emily playing with a cushion in the Bay Of Play. It is just a mass area of lots of little babies scooting around. I think Emily thought she was dreaming at first because she just sat there with a plastered grin on her face for a few minutes before she started crawling all over the place. 
I had to have her pose for me in the garden area. Isn't she so pretty? She is a little champ for sitting still for me too- that is a very rare occurrence. 

SO- long day continued. Then we went to my friend Jeni's house (see Jason & Jeni link on the right). Emily and Connely played and giggled all afternoon. I wish we lived closer to them because those kids really have fun together. I can't believe it, but I didn't take a picture of them. Just imagine too little kids giggling together, that was them. Too fun.

THEN Jeni and I went to the San Diego temple to meet up with my friend Kathleen from Phoenix. She had her daughter Amy with her. Kathleen was my Mia Maid advisor and a great friend of my mom's. As I've grown up Kathleen has stayed great friends with my mom and with me. It was really fun to visit with her and to meet Amy. Of course I left my camera in the car for this visit- sheesh. 

About 6:30 I started my trip home arriving home at 7:30ish. We were exhausted. I love fun friend filled days! 

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Trunk Or Treat

Last night was our church Trunk or Treat activity. It was so much fun! I guess I didn't realize all that went into Trunk or Treats. We decorated the back of our car with cobwebs, pumpkins, spiders, and other creepy things. The kids all had fun running around from car to car getting candy with all of their friends and parents just hung out and socialized. Whoever came up with this idea was a GENIUS.
After the candy distribution we went inside and had a huge chili dinner. There were so many different kinds, it was hard to choose! Justin and I's was DELICIOUS. Sadly we did not win the competition- lame. After dinner they had a costume parade. I helped Emily walk around the gym with the other kids. She thought it was really fun. She smiled, squealed, and waved to all of the people. She even did a great job walking with me only holding onto one of her arms. Sadly again Emily did not win the costume contest- lame-o. The final event of the evening was games for the kids. Justin and I ran a bean-bag booth. I have to admit I was a little annoyed when Justin told me he signed us up to run a booth (I just wanted to eat and hang out, not work), but it ended up really funny to watch the kids and Emily loved to play with the bean bags so she was entertained the whole time. All in all it was a great Halloween party!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Festivities

The Halloween festivities have begun! Last Saturday Emily went to her first birthday party!! I don't know why I thought this was so exciting, but I did. It was a costume party for two little boys in our ward who were turning one. I didn't take any pictures that day because Emily decided she was going to be shy and wouldn't leave me for a second to even take a little picture. Anyways, Halloween dress up #1.

Dress up #2 was yesterday and for playgroup a lady in our ward put on a Halloween costume parade!! It was so fun! Here is a little plug for ward play groups. They are WONDERFUL. I can't even express what a blessing it has been. I don't consider myself a shy person, but I'm kind of hesitant to just put myself out there. However, I have no problem going to a park once a week letting Emily crawl around on the grass and meet lots of wonderful women. Anyways, back to the parade. The kids were so fun. There were all sorts of really neat costumes, police men, star wars, Disney princesses, ballerinas, pirates, little red riding hood, the list goes on and on. We had pumpkin cookies and really enjoyed one another's company while the kids played and played and played and took a fantastic nap when we went home. Emily loves being around other kids so she always has a good time. It was a great day to be a mom.
Here is a shot of Emily in her lady bug tutu.
Here is my attempt at getting as many kids in as a could. I would to point the Little Bo Peep and her little sister the Lost Sheep here next to Minnie Mouse- TOO CUTE!

Dress up #3 will be this Saturday at our ward Trunk-or-Treat/chili cook off. Justin is going to make chili for the cookoff! I will take much better pictures of Emily at this event.

Splish Splash I Love Taking A Bath

This is just a little note to express my love for bath time! It is a good 20 minutes where Emily is sure to entertain herself. With a little help from a few little toys the bathtub transfers to this new exciting little world. Every day around 7:15 we head up for the bath tub. Emily knows what is going on as soon as we get into the bathroom. She doesn't cry or fight as I try to take her clothes off, in fact she even helps as much as she can. She loves to be in the tub as the water fills up, running her fingers through the pouring water. Once she has all of the water she is going to get the festivities begin. One of her favorite activities are swimming on her belly. She slides back and forth. She use to do little 360's on her tummy, but she is too long now and gets stuck half way through. She likes to lay on her back and kick- this doesn't really last very long before she flips herself back over. She likes to stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down over and over and over again. I have to remove all of the soap, shampoo, anything or else because she likes to stand up and shimmy herself around knocking whatever she can into the water. Her lastest activity is playing peek-a-boo with me from behind the shower door. She laughes so hard during this game (it is probably my favorite to0). Now that she is getting bigger she tells me she is done by trying to climb out of the tub by herself. She can't do it yet, but it is really cool to watch her try and figure it out. Once she is out of the tub she gets wrapped up tight in a towel. A naked baby wrapped up in a towel is in my opinion the most adorable thing in the entire world. Whether a new born or a 10 month old, it is so sweet. Anyways, I know this is a lot of writing for such a simple thing, but I am trying to journal more about little Em's life and bathing really is a fun time for her, so sorry if it bored you, but we have some good times every night with the rubber duckies, squirty animals, and her glow in the dark dinosaur.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Knotts Berry Farm

Last Saturday we went to Knotts Berry Farm. Kathy's (Justin's mom) work had their annual picnic there. The day started out with a delicious picnic- unbelievably good fried chicken. Then we went into the park. We had so much fun on all of the rides- except one. It was called Perilous Plunge! It was one of those 'get wet' rides. Well our cart goes straight down (so scary) and hits the bottom leaving us dry at first. I had a millisecond where I thought "wow, I had the best seat-not even wet" then all of a sudden WHOOSH this huge wave overtakes my entire body. I was drenched. More drenched than a full on shower. No joke. I tell this story for several reasons- 1. don't go on it. even if you are tempted, it is kind of fun, but not worth the soakingness of it. 2. it explains why I look soaking and disgusting in the above picture. Oh, the other bummer is "The Excellerator" was closed all day which is the most fun rollercoaster- maybe next time.

Cute Emily Story: So we took her to see Snoopy. She was really excited when we first saw him and started to pet him like she pets the dogs. It was really cute. Also, in all of the lines we waited in, Emily passed the time by waving at all of the people. She is such a social butterfly!

Here is the tribute to Ghost Busters. Next year they are going to do a whole ghost busters theme I guess. It should be pretty interesting.

Here is Emily getting ready for her first amusement park ride. It was a snoopy bus that took you in circles. I have to be honest when I say this was the only ride all day that made me sick. Poor kids!

Since it is Halloween time they have these scary monster guys walking around. They really are scary! As much as Emily loved Snoopy, she wanted nothing to do with this guy or the vampire.
It was a very fun, long, hot, tiring day. Emily took the liberty of snuggling up and rejuvenating. We all slept well that night!

Monday, October 13, 2008

June Lake

Last weekend we went to June Lake for Justin's sister Jessica's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. I was kind of lame and didn't really take any pictures on the wedding day. However, for pictures of the bride and groom check out Matt and Christi's pictures. Someday soon I will have a cute little family picture of us up here. Well here are some I do have.
Here's Justin, Emily and I at the waterfall. I love that this beautiful little spot is only about a 15 minute walk from the house.

Setting up for the wedding- this was the hoody club.
Here's Emily with Justin's cousin's little boy Caleb. They kept each other entertained.

Emily and her Kitty

At Grandma Connie's house there are two kitty's- Maggie and Reba. You would have thought Emily had died and gone to heaven. She would light up whenever she saw one of the cats. She would squeal, kick her legs, clap her hands, and army man crawl to them as fast as she could. They didn't find her quite as amusing, but they were good sports to let her pet them. One day the cats would lay on their backs and stretch their arms and legs completely exposing their bellies. Emily would lay down next to them and mimic them by stretching her arms and legs. It was quite possibly one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. I am so sad that I did not get a picture of it.

Sadly we had to leave the kitty's at Grandma's house. When we returned home we realized Emily's stuffed BYU Idaho bear (from Aunt Kati) was fuzzy just like the cats. Emily would hold the bear and say "kit-ty" no joke. So the bear is her kitty. Watch the video to see how excited she gets and how she devours the poor thing.


A Day On The Golf Course

When we were in June Lake we went golfing. The golf course even let us bring Emily along. I didn't golf all that great, but we had a fun time!

Ice Cream, Ice Cream GIVE ME MY ICE CREAM!!!!!

Emily LOVES ice cream :) She does become quite a little grouch if we don't get her a bite fast enough. It's pretty funny to hear her grunt.