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Pumpkin Splash 2017

Yesterday we went to the annual Pumpkin Splash. We had so much fun! The premise is that a city pool heats the water and fills the pool with tons of pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins are really large, but in the zero depth area are nice little ones for the littles. 


GAMES! Lyla hit the games up right away so she could get some of the "cooler" prizes. Charlotte, Clara, and I meandered over later to play witch hat ring toss and candy corn bowling. Charlotte wasn't interested in tossing the rings, but she really thought stacking all of the cones was cool. It was pretty cute watching Charlotte try and put her vampire teeth in. 

POOL PLAYING! From Clara: I loved doing the frog slide. I loved spending time with my family. I loved to do the glitter tattoos. I really wanted to do the stickers (on her pumpkin). I loved getting my pumpkin and I really loved playing with my mommy.

From Lyla: All of the kids had lots of fun. Emily and Lyla liked the diving boards a lot. Th…

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