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Winter Dance Recitals

Clara had such a fun dance winter dance recital. It was at a snowbird mobile home park rec center. They had a chili dinner with hot chocolate and cookies for us while we waited for the show to start. The whole program was only the Tiny Dancer classes so it was fun to see all of the little ones. Clara's class did a ballet dance to "Let It Snow". She dances with three other friends we have from church. They were pretty cute.  As a side note, Charlotte had a good time clapping for each of the classes. She loves to clap, it's adorable. 

Lyla takes dance from Mrs. Liz with her bff Addie. Liz teaches out of her home and does a great job with the girls. Lyla did 2 dances at their winter showcase this year. A tap dance to "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" and a ballet dance to "Where Are You Christmas?" These two did an excellent job. 

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