Friday, August 31, 2012

San Diego County Fair

We also got to see Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Kris on our trip! They took us to the San Diego County Fair. The girls had a great time. They went on lots of rides. Sadly for Lyla, there weren't a whole lot of options for her, but the ones she did do, she would get off and say, "More ride! More ride!" 

 We were often checking to see if Emily was tall enough. 
 Grandpa was her ride buddy.
 And game buddy
 They won several varieties of fish at the fair. Here is Em with her little pink Nemo. I don't have a picture, but they also won 5 real goldfish. 
 And of course, lots of fun animals. Lyla is trying the 'foot pet'.


After Idaho we hopped on another plane and took off to California. Christi picked us up from the airport and I'm pretty sure we went straight to the beach! There are beaches in Boston, but to be totally honest, they just aren't the same.

Emily is a sand magician. She gets sand EVERYWHERE. I think I sound sand in her hair for weeks after we were there. She wears it good though. 

 Lyla and Westin played a fun game of throw ping pong balls into the waves and then catch them when the wave brings it back. 

 Ah, I love her!
Justin is currently trying to talk me into this is where we want to settle down. So many choices!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Idaho Party Part 2

Slip in Slide day was so FUN. Those girls are pretty skilled. 

 Climber girl was digging all of the opportunities to climb on things. 
 Emily LOVES baby Stella. She says it's because she has crazy hair. We're super lucky because Baby Stella is coming to visit us in Boston at the end of September- woot woot.
 Seriously love my girls. 
 Of all the fun things, I think both girls said their favorite thing was riding horses at Megan's house. My cousin Austin has a couple horses and took the girls out for a ride one afternoon. It happened to be our last day there, or else the girls would have wanted to go every single day. I'm sure Austin would have too, he and his wife Chelsea are pretty awesome. 
 What was crazy to me was that these little 4 year old girls would ride the horse around by themselves. Austin would be next to them, but they would have the reigns by themselves. Two little girls who can't ride bikes, were riding a horse. It was really cute. 
 I took Lyla for a ride and it was really a special experience. She really really loved it. All week her catch phrase was, "I no like it." She didn't like anything. However, we were riding around and she said, "I like horses mom." Over and over again. She would hold the reigns and say "Go horsey" and "Giddyup." Man, just typing about it makes me want to go back. She cried and cried when she had to get off. I think I need to move to Idaho...
 (ever have those days where you think your kids' unkept hair looks really cute, and then you take pictures and look at it later and think-yikes?! well, that was one of those days.)

Emily got attacked by a cat one of the days. She had some pretty nasty scratches. Here is Lyla chasing the cat with a golf club saying, "You mess with my sister- you mess with me!" 

Idaho Party Part 1

The year Emily was born brought 6 new kids into my extended family. Most of them all live in Idaho. If I was going to be out west I really wanted to take the girls to Idaho. My Aunt Susan's house is like a little kid dream. Lots of green grass, playhouse, kitties, trampoline, it goes on and on. 

My girls had a fantastic time playing with everyone. 

 Here is my Lyla and my cousin's Lilah both playing with phones. 
 My kitty lover decided she needed to feed the cats. They weren't too excited about that plan. 
 One day we went to a little splash park in Rexburg. Lyla totally dug it. 
 The bigger girls all had their dollars for the carousel. 
 Luckily we got to see my sister Camille while we were there.
 We had to have forced rest time one day for all of the girls. You can't tell from the picture, but there are7 girls down there. 

To Bone and Back

After spending a couple weeks swimming in Arizona we went to Idaho for a week. While there, I ran a race with my cousins called To Bone and Back. We were an 8 person team running 5 mile legs (40 total). We had so much fun! Our team name was Cruisin' Cousins. I'm pretty sure in years to come there will be many Cruisin' Cousin teams. Hopefully I'll be on it again! It was tons of fun. 

The 3 boys- Austin, Mike, Daniel
 My favorite team (besides my own of course) Team Joe Dirt
 Mike's leg was the most intense. It was a grueling uphill only leg. They had special towels for them at the end. It says, "I Conquered the Hill."
 Heather and Mike
 The Butikofer clan (Mike, Heather, Chelsea, & Austin) ah, I just realized Daniel isn't in this picture. Bummer.
 Me & Camille
I didn't get any pictures with Stacey, but she was our 8th member. The funniest part of the race for me was Mike's "special juice." He is a food scientist and came up with his own mysterious energy drink powder. I stayed far away from it, but he did awesome, so I'm sure it worked great! 

And we're off...

After a few weeks of chilling just us girls we packed (and unpacked) our suitcases and headed west for a FUN FILLED summer!

Busy Days

While Daddy was away the girls were gonna PLAY! On one particular Saturday we woke up early to go to Town Day. A day long celebration with rides, booths, games and what not down the center of our town. 

After that we went to Fresh Pond Days (that's where most of these pics are from). Fresh Pond is a beautiful area around the corner from us that is a 2.5 mile loop around a reservoir. The natural beauty of the area is unbelievable. It is where I run most days, so it's pretty special to me. Anyhow- Emily made crafts, the girls played on fire trucks and we even got a couple newbooks.

Next we went to our ward party. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed everyone's company. Here's Lyla and her friend William just chilling in a wagon. We washed off lots of dirt/paint at bathtime that night.

After the ward party we booked it over to Barnes and Noble where a lady in our ward was having a book signing I wanted to go to. Phew. Sometimes, I'm kind of crazy and am glad I have Justin around to let me know that I should slow down a little bit :).