Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Emily's 5th Birthday Party

For Emily's 5th birthday we combined all of our favorite things. Princess, Barbie Charm School, Fancy Nancy, & Pinkalicious. 

Pinterest has all sorts of fabulous ideas, but Emily wanted to be IN CHARGE of her party. While I did a lot of the details, she planned the food and activities. 

For food she picked our pb & j sandwiches. Fancy Nancy says sandwiches taste better with fancy toothpicks, but we negotiated and made crown sandwiches instead. Strawberries with chocolate, grape kabobs, frosting & sprinkle pretzels, and a bunch of fancy eclairs and things. 

Princess Punch. 
This was hilarious because Lyla was in love with it. She would try and get every last drop of punch out of her glass before begging for more. It was really cute. To fancify drinking I got stemmed glasses (thank you dollar store) and added ribbon to them. The girls got a kick of it. 

We made a fancy ceiling with giant puff balls. 

I really really wanted some fancy cupcakes or a fancy cake, but Emily really wanted one of their activities to be decorate cupcakes. So here are the plain cupcakes before the girls turned them in to works of art. 
finger nail painting
 Princess story time
 Book balancing
This one was pretty funny because it was really hard. We started out with each girl having one book to balance and just about no one could walk with it. Then we switched and tried to see how many they could balance. It was pretty cute watching these really determined little girls try and figure this out. 

Crown decorating.
I didn't take good enough pictures of the girls doing this. They made some pretty intense crowns. There were all sorts of patterns going on, but my FAVORITE moment was when one of the girls was getting picked up she said, "You know how Beth (big sister) says things are symmetrical? I made my crown symmetrical." You better believe she had a symmetrical crown. 

 Happy Birthday Princess Emily