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A Perfect Birthday for a Perfect Baby

Yesterday we celebrated Emily's first year birthday! Here is how we celebrated!

1. Woke up and watched Elmo's World. I've mentioned before how this is her favorite 15 minutes.
2. Ate breakfast. Normally this means Gerber Oatmeal with cinnamon and apples or something like that. This morning- chocolate chip pancakes! I am a nice mom. These were funny to watch her eat because once she picked up that there were chocolate chips in them she would look at the piece I gave her and if she couldn't see a chocolate chip she would throw it to the side of her high chair towards the dogs. She is pretty much the cutest, smartest baby ever.

3. After her morning nap, Emily, myself (Allison), and Grandma Kathy went to the petting zoo! Emily loves animals. Real ones, stuffed ones, books, plastic ones, ones on tv, anything animal she LOVES. There was this huge area full of bunnies and guinea pigs. She squealed and giggled and petted and poked and had just a marvelous time. There was also a pen of goats that were pretty cool, some llamas that had nasty tongues, ducks, chickens, a turtle, pigs, horses, ponies, and lots of birds. It was a fun adventure for our little 1 year old. 

4. After the petting zoo came a much needed nap to prepare for her upcoming PARTY!! While She napped we got the party ready. We had a bbq so Justin cooked the hamburgers and made guacamole, Kathy made a delicious dip and potato salad, I made fruit salad, and the birthday cakes! We set up balloons, crate paper, and pictures of our little one with a few little momentos.

5. THE PARTY!! We had over Justin's Aunt Kelli, Grandma Judy, our friends Ryan and Missy, my brother Matt and his wife Christy, and of course Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Kris, and Uncle Kody. We started by eating our delicious dinner and then opened presents. After only a couple presents, Emily caught on to the ripping paper, pulling our tissue and that something fun is inside all of these packages! Here is a break down of the fun things Emily received:
Cute outifts (for now and to grow into yay!), a Princess Leah Mrs. Potato head, 4 new books!!, a singing puppy dog, a puzzle, a Baby Einstein movie, a gift card to go pick out some fun new things, a new car seat and a rocking horse from Grandpa Kris! In the mail Emily received some money to get new things, a baby Nativity set, some farm Legos, and Leo the Lion push toy! Thanks Grandma.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness!

After presents it was- drumroll please- cake time! This post is about emily-not me- but I do want to quickly add that I had so much fun making these little cakes. They took forever, but I think they're pretty cute. (They are giraffes if you can't tell- I forgot to point the ears and add the little antenna things). Okay, so Emily had her own cake that she ate very lady like. She picked and poked and with a little prodding eventually just went mouth first. She was pretty messy at the end, but it was definitely worth it. She even shared a messy kiss with her daddy. 
Thanks again to everyone who came. It was such a special day for us, we appreciate you celebrating with us. 

6. The after party. After everyone left we cleaned little miss cake up and she played with her new toys. She rode her horse, and even snuggled up with Grandpa to read some stories. It was a long, but very fun eventful day! The biggest lesson learned this year is that time flies by! 

We Love our little Emily. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Boston - Here we come

So it's December 1st and to all prospective dental students this is a special day because it's the day that dental schools can officially accept their students.  Well, today after work I (Justin) checked my email and Boston University sent me a letter congratulating me on my acceptance.  Hooray!!!!  Needless to say we are very happy about it.  Unless another school comes up with another offer we will probably be on our way to Boston.  We are Cougars who are excited to become Terriers as well.