Sunday, May 20, 2012

September 2011

In an attempt to catch up quickly, I think I'll do a monthly recap, starting in September 2011.

1. Emily started "preschool." It was a coop with 4 other kids. Us 5 moms all took a week and had blasts with the kids. 

 Lyla keeps getting cuter. She loves her "polka". Her magical blanket that she can't live without. Justin also gave her her first pigtails. They look more like devil horns to me, but still cute.

 At the end of September, Emily's school friends went on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch & farm. They had fun picking their own pumpkins off the vine and picking flowers in the fields.

 The girls love play time. They can make a mess faster than a full blown tornado. They both love books, especially Lyla. Baby Cakes is her favorite. She also rocks jeggings like she's a super model. 

 This is the end of our garden harvest. Emily grew her own carrot garden this year and had lots of fun helping Justin water all of the other crops. 
 And the climbing- Lyla is a climber. Since this was 8 months ago, I know how it progressed. I would love to go back to these days where she only climbed on the bed...

 I knit my first baby blanket. 

Emily also took her first gymnastics class at the Boys and Girls Club, but none of my videos would upload :(.