Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Picking

i LOVE apple picking.
i LOVE apple cider doughnuts.
i LOVE fresh apple cider.
Apple picking at Honeypot Hill Orchard with my family has been a favorite Boston tradition. We went last Saturday for our annual pick. Even though it was Saturday and ultra crowded, we had a wonderful time.

Emily loves to climb the ladders to get the apples up top. Sadly, this year on her first ladder, in the first 5 minutes she got stung by a bee! It certainly didn't ruin the day, but she was scared to go up any more ladders.

Lyla liked the ease of just picking them up off the ground.

Since ladders weren't an option anymore- Daddy's shoulders work great.

Strong woman pulled off a little more than just the apple.

Eating apples along the way :)

Apples as big as her face.. almost..

This activity was PERFECT for Lyla. She was able to wander around and eat apples, 2 of her favorite things, I didn't even speed her along. 

Pumpkin patch!!
I didn't tell Justin, because I was slightly embarrassed, but I almost got teary as we were leaving. This is going to be our last time here. I guess this next year is going to be full of that, but it's sad to say goodbye to the places we've grown to love. 

Labor Day @Kimball Farms

On Labor Day we were going to go eat the most delicious ice cream in the entire world. Kimball Farms. If you were thinking anything else. You are wrong. Come visit me, I'll prove it. 

Anyways, instead of going to the stand that is "near" us, we decided to go to the main one and play miniature golf. Once we got there we remembered who was with us- Lyla- and decided mini golf might not be the best idea. Instead we let the girls pick other things they wanted to do.

1. Bumpber Boats. 
This was Emily's pick, and Lyla was too little.

2. Pony Rides
Lyla's pick, but we let Emily indulge as well.

3. Batting Cages
Justin's pick

4. Eating Ice Cream. 
Allison's pick
I don't have any pictures of it though, because at this Kimball farms the lines were OUT OF CONTROL, so we looked up the map and found that the stand we normally go to was on the way home. We enjoyed our ice cream in the dark :)

(my little flower pickers)


Our ward that we go to church with had a social over Labor Day weekend. It was fiesta themed with de-licious tacos. Yum! Anyways, what's a party without friends, and what are friends if not goofy! We love these girls. 

"Hey Emmy, pay(play) dirt with me?"- Lyla.
Digging in dirt and rock collecting is not just for the boys. 

Pinata time! 

Extreme Makeover Emily Edition

Aunt Kati fulfilled Emily's lifelong dream of having straight hair. So in case you were all wondering what straight hair Emily looks like, here she is.

While she is still gorgeous, I think I'll keep her curls :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

ABC's & 123's

The Emster started preschool today. If there was ever a child born for preschool it was Emily.
I almost didn't send her this year, because frankly I like her too much. I wanted to have a year of fun with my babies before Emily HAS to go to kindergarten. However, we decided that keeping Emily out of preschool would pretty much be like child abuse. 

According to her the first day was fantastic. The most fun thing they did was craft, making book bags. I  am fairly certain her favorite part of every day will be craft.

Someone else in our house has to get use to preschool too, and she doesn't think it's so great. This is a picture of her as we were leaving drop off:
Don't worry. We went directly to a park and played for an hour. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Why a random picture of Tom Cruise? Am I a crazy stalker? Nope. 
However, while we were at Grandma Connie's house, Tom Cruise was there too- shooting a MOVIE! He was actually shooting the movie in Connie's BACKYARD. No joke. 

We all got to take turns going down to the set. When it was my turn I was walking down a hill and all of a sudder, WHAM Tom Cruise walking up the hill. I am a little taken back, so I just kinda stare like a weirdo at him. He waves, says hello and then continues on his way. 

The movie set was pretty cool. There was a huge fort and a flying helicopter thing. I'm excited to see the movie. 

Grandma Connie's House

Our next adventure took us to June Lake to Grandma Connie's ranch. We love this place. We have campfires, cook s'mores, eat yummy food, relax, play, explore. 

 Of course there was frolicking in the meadow. Emily was born to frolick. 

 Watch out for bears, no matter how cute they are. 

 Rock anyone?

Grandparents ROCK

Cute picture of the girls with Justin's parents. 


If we were to sum up our summer in 1 word it would be: swimming.

When we were in California we spent many many hours in Grandma and Grandpa's (Justin's parents) pool. These videos are of Lyla floating around in the pool with her floaties and goggles. 

Emily is a total fish these days too. Even though she is a fantastic swimmer, she still hung out in the spa most of the time. 
 Lyla LOVES jumping in the pool. There are rocks all around the pool and Lyla would go to bigger and bigger rocks and finally she would only jump off the biggest one. That's my girl. 

 Like mother like daughter. Emily is modeling my favorite pool position. 

4th of July HB Style

I was very VERY sad to be missing Boston 4th of July this year. My Mom took pity on me and scheduled our trips around being able to go to Huntington Beach for the 4th. My brother and his family live there and have been telling me for years how great HB is on the 4th. The morning started out with a bike ride to some of their friends' house to watch the parade. Our bike entourage was a sight to be seen. 11 adults, 2 kids, 4 toddlers, 2 brand new babies, almost ALL on bikes. (the new babies and their moms took a car for this portion of the trip) 
 For the love of America- Are these not the cutest, most patriotic little mamma's on the planet.?!

Here are Emily and Grace at the parade. During the parade, this family throws an enormous BBQ. Ribs, tri-tip, hamburgers, hot dogs, sides up the wahzoo. Delish. 
On our way to the beach, Emily and Grace rode in a trailor together and yelled, "America ROCKS!" the whole way. It was hilarious.
 Next- off to the beach! Lyla collected patriotic necklaces throughout the day. 
 Then, back to Matt's house to lay low for a couple of hours until fireworks.

At night we rode bikes back to the beach for fireworks. There is something really cool about sitting in the soft, chilled sand, snuggling with my babies, surrounded by family and watching fireworks. 

The day in HB was perfect! Absolutely wonderful. 
Fireworks alone though- Boston wins.