Monday, May 23, 2011

It's been a busy week

*Started "crawling" (moving with style)
*First big bruise- thank you big sister
*Roll of the bed (luckily onto a pillow pile- thank you mom)
and tomorrow is an airplane ride

Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 Months!

It has got to be hard work being this cute!

Seriously though, Lyla is a whopping 6 months old. I can't believe it. She is 15 .05 pounds, and 25 inches. That puts her right at the 50% for both height and weight.

She has conquered rolling over from her back to her belly, but not vice versa. This causes much frustration for her. Patience is a virtue she is still working on.

She sits up all on her own now and I will usually sit her in front of a basket of toys that she likes to dig through. Her favorite toys are plastic Easter eggs, a Baby Einstein ball, doggy crinkly chew toy, and a plastic book. She also enjoys sitting in her room while Emily is playing with her animals.

She LOVES to take a bath. She will splash forever if I let her. Her water is always cold by the time I take her out, but she gets more upset that she has to get out. She also LOVES going for walks in the stroller. I try to go out every day now that the weather is better, and she just settles in and enjoys the ride. She also LOVES swinging at the park. She just the biggest smile when I push the initial push.

She is so close to crawling. She will push herself into a pushup position, then lower her knees so she is on her hands and knees and then gets frustrated that she can't move that she falls down and cries. It's a pretty cute little process. What I love the most is that I can see her brain working. She knows there is something that she wants just out of reach. She also knows that there is a way for her to move her body to get it. She just hasn't figured that part out yet. I love these little smarty pants brains.

Noises besides crying include- bababababa..., grunts, she will suck on her bottom lip and it makes a little slurping type noise, and if she is really happy, she will open her mouth really wide and pant like a little puppy.

I could go on and on. I love this little girl so much. There is nothing more soothing and wonderful than her smiles and cuddles. I just wish she would get the sleeping thing down pat....

Love ya Lyla.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aunt Camille Comes to Town-Part 2

Children's Museum.
Warning: Do not ever go to a children's museum during spring break.

I should have known this. I'm not an unintelligent person.

However, we did go and we still had a great time, it was just a tad crowded.

Emily and Camille played in the Barber Shop.
Lyla tagged along too.
Future construction worker?? I think not.
Meet a Search and Rescue Dog. (Emily will stop for any dog even if it isn't a cool search and rescue one.)

After the museum, we relaxed with a delicious trip to Mike's Pastry. Yum. Please come visit us so we have an excuse to go there :). We even stopped by on our way to the airport so Camille could take eclairs, lobster tails, and cream puffs home to the rest of the fam.

Aunt Camille Comes to Town-Part 1

A few weeks ago my sister Camille came to town. She has been living in Paris and other parts of France for past 18 months serving as a Missionary for our church. We were really excited for her to come visit. Unfortunately our weather was really YUCKY.
One day we did take the T downtown to Boston Common, the Public Gardens, and to just explore the city.
Our first stop was the carousel at Frog pond. Emily of course picked the kitty to ride on.
While we were at the Public Garden we took a ride around the pond in the swan boat. It isn't exactly a thrill ride so we had to point things out to Emily to keep her occupied. We did see some turtles sunbathing on a long.
One of my favorite parts of the Public Garden is the duck statues. There's the mamma duck and all of her babies. So here I am as the mamma duck with my little babies.
Camille's turn. The girls smile much better with her.
The title of this photo is, "The Beauty of Being a Baby."
You can just sleep. Whenever. Where ever.

After the Garden we walked down the shopping street Newbury Street and had lunch at an outside diner. I thought I would capture the view from my seat. Boston really is a cool city.
Anyhow, we had lots of fun with Camille and Emily still asks me when she's coming back.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Makes Me Crazy

When Emily was 1 I decided two things.

1. I thought it would be fun to learn to sew.
2. I wanted Emily to have a really cute Easter dress.

So naturally I decided to learn to sew while making a really cute Easter dress. Anyone who has ever sewed a dress might be laughing at me, or cringing, or whatever. Someone should have intervened, but I'm glad they didn't. I found a sewing mentor and my mother-in-law let me use her machine and here is the end product.
Pretty cute huh. So I am glad that no one discouraged me.

Fast forward a few years to Lyla's first Easter. I recently started attending "knitting group" in my ward. I was in desperate need of a creative outlet, but could only do it while the girlees were asleep at night.
Knitting is perfect for that.
Anyhow- I knitted a hat first and it turned out pretty cute. Then I thought, "holy cow, I could make Lyla a cute sweater for her Easter basket." I mean of course someone would knit one hat and then move on to clothing construction. (See, I'm crazy sometimes.)
The ladies I knit with were SO helpful and ta da.....
my darling model in her darling yellow sweater.

Sometimes being crazy pays off.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Week

Emily LOVES holidays. Seriously LOVES them. She gets really excited, so it is really fun to come up with lots of things to do for her. The week before Easter she had off of school and Aunt Camille was here to play, so we took full advantage. I am pretty sure we died eggs at least 3 times. The dollar store is a gold mine for children like mine. We picked up a few crafts there to do also. Here are some of our adventures.

First we went to see the Easter bunny. The picture is crummy because they would only let you use your own camera if you bought one of there's also (starting at $10- no thanks). So I snuck a picture with my phone... oops.
My mom sent her a bunny pancake mold, so we had bunny pancakes all week. Emily loves it and is grumpy in this picture because I made her stop and take a picture instead of just diving in to the peanut butter goodness.
One of our crafts was making these animal eggs. I got a little ahead of myself and decided I wanted to hollow these eggs out and keep the cute little animals forever. The process ended up taking me half the day, when really it should not take that long. Oh well. They're cute. Who knows if they will really last forever, but it was fun.
After this picture, my camera lens broke, so this picture represents a lot. Emily is filling eggs for an easter egg hunt. The Saturday before Easter was a rainy mess, so we hid the eggs inside some of our friends' home. It was pretty amazing how much fun they had running around just finding eggs, not caring that there was candy inside of them.
Here is little Emily with her Easter basket on Easter morning. I LOVE Easter baskets. First I love the actual basket. I found the cutest ones for my girls and I love getting them out every year. Then I love thinking about what to put in them. This year Emily got an activity book for church, a pink skirt, shoes, and a few pieces of candy.
You are right, I am forgetting my other little girl- Lyla. She had a fabulous Easter also. One of her new found loves is playing with plastic eggs. After I cleaned all of the Easter decorations up, I left a few eggs out in her toy basket.

Lyla too was delivered an Easter basket. Hers had a new dress, a cd of lullabies, and a sweater I knitted her (there is going to be a whole post on that coming up).

Of course daddy and mommy weren't forgotten either. Daddy got a gardening book, new tie, new belt, and some of his favorite goodies (jelly bellies). I didn't take a picture of mine, but it included the much anticipated Our Best Bites cookbook. I LOVE it. I LOVE it.

We had a lovely Easter week at our house. Can't wait for next year :)