Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emily's Funnies

After swimming the other day I wrapped a towel around my waist. Emily saw me and said, "Mom, that towel really doesn't look good on you."

"Mom, would you like to join me for underwater ballet dancing class?"

While trying to convince Lyla she wanted to watch Phineas and Ferb more than Mickey Mouse she said, "Lyla, these guys are SO funny. You will never believe what they are going to do!"

"Seriously mom?!" (all the time)

So many many more, but I forget before I can write them down. We sure love our sassy pants.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A quick trip up to Vermont to visit Daddy

Justin here.  Allison asked me to guest post about Memorial Day weekend.  As some of you may know I'm up in Vermont on a 10 week externship working in a free dental clinic.  My girls came to see me and here are some of our adventures in Vermont

 We went to a little souvenir/antique shop and bought some Vermont cheese and homemade root beer.  On our way out Emily asked if she could ride one of the quarter rides that they had outside the store.  She got a little adventurous and chose this pig rather than some boring old horse.  Well the pig turned out to be a more ...spirited mount than any of us expected but as you can see from Emily's face she enjoyed it.

 We took a little hike to see the Quechee gorge which was pretty spectacular.  As you can see Vermont is somewhat picturesque.  There was a wildlife refuge nearby and a worker there had a great horned owl and a red tailed hawk for us to see too.

 We thought the girls would get a kick out of going to this farm that was having a dairy festival (if you know our family you know we don't need much of an excuse to eat cheese).  We learned how to make ricotta cheese, homemade ice cream, sampled way too much cheese, and of course saw the animals.  Look at my little climbers.
 Emily and the cow butts
 On Memorial Day we had planned to go to this cool aquatic center with a lazy river and water slides.  We were at the pool for about 30 minutes when some kid "soiled" the pool (not my kids) so instead we went to this local lake, had a little picnic, and let the girls play in the water while we relaxed.

We all had a fun time.  The weekend went too fast and I'm hoping my remaining time in Vermont flies by so that I can spend more time with my girls.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shane's & Splash Pad

 The girls and I have started our summer 2012 adventure, by flying to Arizona. I suppose getting out here will be my next post. Anyways, as you can imagine Arizona in June is pretty warm, so we've been spending a lot of time in water. Last night for dinner we went to my favorite, Shane's Rib Shack. Dinner was a little crazy. Someone..cough cough Lyla cough cough... didn't want to sit still and eat, so I only got a few bites in. Oh well. Afterward the girls ran around in the sprinklers in the courtyard. Lyla was hamming it up. First off, she loved the sprinklers, but she would make the funniest faces when she got splashed by the water. It was a nice warm summer evening with a jazz band playing in the background and 2 insanely cute girls, so even though dinner was nuts, dessert was great!