Sunday, August 30, 2009

Manly things and Girly things

Jay - So this weekend I did some manly things, like fix our couch. When we moved it to Boston we were worried about weight so we took the useless bed inside of it out and I committed to build a wood frame inside. After much trial and error it is finished (we hope). Now it is getting a slipcover/reupholster but I'm putting up a photo just so this blog post isn't boring.

I also did some girly things like bake a pie. Our ward is having a pie contest and Allison signed us up to make two. I decided I needed to practice once before competition day. We got some really cheap peaches at this downtown market called Haymarket so I made a peach pie. It actually turned out really tasty.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Growing Up...

She's still a baby, but she's trying to grow up too fast. Yesterday at breakfast she was reading this pamphlet from one of her movies. I asked her what she was doing. She said, "Reading the paper." I laughed so hard. She didn't mean newspaper, but it was pretty funny.

Then to make me really feel like my little baby is trying to be a little girl she goes and does this. I'm getting her ready for her nap and she says, "big bed mommy?" Meaning, can I please sleep in the big bed (the spare bed in her room). I obliged thinking it would be about 30 seconds before she was up playing with toys, reading books, or begging me to let her watch t.v. However, I went in a few minutes later, and my little baby was dead asleep on the big bed. Is this a step towards a big girl bed? Does that mean it's a step to her really being a big girl???
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Do You Want To Do Today Em??

Every morning I ask Emily what she wants to do that day. The typical answer is "Play." And Play is what we do!! Here are some pictures of us playing at some of our favorite spots- the neighborhood park, the town splash park, and our backyard (not really a fave, or a yard, but we play there anyways...).

Evolution of "NO!"

Here are the stages that the basic word "No" has gone through with our sweet little 20 mo. old...

1. simply- no (w/ a head shake)
2. mmmm no
3. nope
4. NNOO!!
5. no mamma no (regardless of who she is talking to)
and finally the current stage
6. no way

Gotta love her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Lastest Craftings

Both of my lovely sister in laws recently had baby showers. I decided it was time to try my hand at diaper cakes. My friend Dana helped me configure the diapers which really wasn't as hard as I thought, but definitely a two person job. (Thanks again Dana). Anyways- here are the totally cute results!

Lake Nacimiento 2009

Before we moved to Boston we spent a week at Lake Nacimiento with Justin's parents and all of the kids. Most of the Neilson family was there too. We had SO much fun boating, playing on the beach, playing poker in the evenings, and just spending time together. I have way too many pictures from this week so to blog them I tried to put them in collages. Anyways, thank you again Kris and Kathy we had a wonderful time! Love ya!!

Justin & Allison

Jessica, Mike, Kati, & Kody
Kris & Kathy aka Grandma & Grandpa
Neilson Family
and of course... Emily :)

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How Cute is this Kid!

This is my new nephew Westin! Emily's first cousin ever. Isn't he the sweetest thing you have ever seen. We taught Emily to say "Emy's cousin Westin." I show her pictures and she will say "more baby westin." One time while we were skyping with them Westin started to cry and Emily said, "baby crying. Emy hold him." She's such a good cousin. Anyways, we love you Westin!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby brainwashing: Coersion by toy

Allison and I immensely enjoy raising a headstrong, yet absolutely adorable toddler. She repeats everything we say (the good things as well as the bad things), her favorite word is no, she says please and thank you fairly consistently, she loves anything associated with princesses (I think we've seen Enchanted about 50 times), and she is very opinionated. So opinionated in fact that if her point of view doesn't match ours she will refuse to do what we want and possibly throw at tantrum. This problem vexed us for a while until we discovered a loophole. Emily will do anything that her toys tell her to do. Don't get me wrong, she isn't hearing voices except for the silly voices that we make up for her toys. When one of her toys tells her what to do she gets all excited and does it. Perfect example: it's 7:30 and time for Emily's bath. We tell her it's bath time but she says no and ignores us. I go into the bathroom and say in a goofy voice that is supposed to be her octopus toy, "Emily, don't you want to come take a bath with me?" Emily comes running and laughing to the bathtub, trying to pull her clothes off to get in the tub as quick as she can. So far her rocking horse has told her stories, Elmo and rubber duckies have conversations with her in the bath, and "baby Lila", her doll, convinces her to take a nap. I'm not sure how long it will last but we are loving the influence her toys have over her.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Melts My Mommy Heart

Emily LOVES music. She has always enjoyed listening, dancing, and now singing along! Here is one of her favorite songs that she sings with her daddy.