Saturday, September 25, 2010

Somebody's Big Day

Little miss Emily had her first day of preschool yesterday. We (I) really debated whether to start her or not since she isn't even 3 year, but decided to give it a shot. If you've spent any time with Emily you will know she is very social, imaginative, verbal, and LOVES to learn and be doing new things. We thought if anyone was made to go to preschool at 2, it's her. She has even asked on occasion to go to school.

So the funny thing is, once she was signed up to go, all of a sudden she didn't want to go anymore. If you asked her is she was excited she would just say, "no." I tried to trick her the first morning and said to her, "Emily, you like to dance, and play, and go to preschool." She shook her head 'yes,' but a few seconds later says, "Wait a minute! I don't like preschool."

I did get her dressed and packed her a backpack with a brand new kitty folder for her papers. That got her a little more excited. Then to top it off, I let her have an extra cup of chocolate milk in the car on the way. We actually passed the school looking for a parking spot and Emily then became very concerned that she wasn't going to be able to go. I played on it and told her if she wanted to go I could park the car and we could go in. She wanted to.

Once we got to her classroom she was a pretty happy camper. I think the children having total meltdowns made her realize that she didn't need to do that. I set her up playing dress up with another girl who was aimlessly wondering around and then took off. I picked her up a few hours later and both of her teachers told us how great she did. Even though she is the youngest and the smallest she was one of the best behaved. That's my Em for ya.

We get in the car and I say, "So did you have fun?" "Yeah." "Do you want to go back?" "No."

I'm sure we'll be back next Tuesday. I can't believe she is this big. It's a good thing we're having another little baby in a couple weeks, or I might have been on the verge of a meltdown.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morning at the Zoo

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here on the east coast so I decided to take advantage of it and spend the morning at the zoo with Emily. Of course the zoo is more fun with friends so Emmalee and Ezra came with us.

I will start with the most disgusting part of the trip. The Gorillas. I am sure that they know they are in a zoo and because their lives are miserable they have to do wacky things. Last time we were at the zoo one of them charged at the glass at a bunch of little kids making them all scream, and another was breast feeding it's baby. Obviously the baby had to eat, and it was kind of cool to see animals doing it, but the kids thought it was pretty crazy. Today; however, was just downright N.A.S.T.Y. While the kids are watching the gorillas lounge around one comes over and picks up a large of piece of pooh. It proceeds to play around with it, and then EAT it. My pregnant self is totally gagging at this point. THEN- It takes it out of its mouth and smears it ALL OVER the window. I snap this picture, but can barely look because I am so grossed out. The kids thought it was awesome. Those gorillas, they always put on a show.
(Here is Emily being a gorilla)

I also don't know where this zoo got its lion from, but man they scored. The last two times we've been to the zoo he will sit up like he is in this picture, stand up, walk around, and roar a lot. It's fun to see an animal actually move around and make noise as oppose to just lounge.
The zebras were a big hit today. Mostly because they were close to the fence. Here is the best shot I could get of Emily and Ezra today. It is so hard to get a shot of the two of them looking AND smiling. They both really wanted to feed the zebra some grass that they picked, and were pretty sad when they couldn't get close enough to feed it. Oh well. I didn't get a good picture, but there was a 3 week old zebra. He was pretty cute.

Mornings like this are what make me so happy to be a mom. I love spending quality time with Emily doing fun things!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Dress Like a 2 (almost 3) Yr. Old

Little Emily has some really cute clothes, but she always has to make her own personal additions. Today she went into her room to take a nap and when she woke up she had added her ballerina skirt, a sweater, and of course a summer hat. She didn't know how to put the sweater on, so it has a twist in it. I love that she comes up with this stuff, it's totally her crazy personality. Anyways, I just had to share what my darling daughter loves to do now.
The goofiness continued during our nightly play time. She made a new chair inside her lego bucket. I can't imagine it being very comfortable, but she was digging it. I guess if your hiney is pretty small it isn't too bad.

Her new favorite sign- "I love you." When she does it with two hands it means, "I love you too."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Lessons Learned From Gardening This Summer

So the weather is getting a little colder and I'm not sure how much longer our garden will last so I thought I'd document some of the things I've learned in my first attempt at gardening.

1. Some stuff is not worth planting from seeds because either they take forever (i.e. tomatoes, carrots) or don't grow at all (peppers)

2. Plants that keep producing fruit are awesome! (i.e. green beans, tomatoes)

3. People buy those circular wire things for tomatoes to grow on for a reason. Otherwise they grow into a tangled mess that covers other plants (they're a good idea for beans too)

4. Too much rain and random fungus kill otherwise healthy squash plants and you only get two 6-inch zucchini after growing them all summer :(

5. Hauling water from inside the house every day really stinks (darn our landlord for not fixing the exterior water)

6. Picking herbs right in your backyard and putting them in your dinner is preferable to buying them at the store

7. Just because you plant it with intentions to eat it doesn't mean you will (I have a large arugula plant that I have no idea what to do with)

8. Hauling dirt from home depot is a hot, heavy, and expensive job

9. Even though your little garden is embarrassingly pathetic compared to the Eden your neighbor created next door, gardening is an easy conversation starter

10. Having an enthusiastic gardening buddy makes the work much more fun

On the left is our neighbor's garden chock full of tomato, pepper, pumpkin plants, various herbs, and other decorative plants. On the right are my sad little bean plants

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lake Nacimiento 2010

I am only almost 2 months late on this post. Better late than never. In July we went on a boating trip with Justin's parents and family. We had a great time boating, sea doo-ing, playing on the beach, and relaxing.

This was Emily's first year going on real rides on the Sea Doo. She was pretty hesitant at first, but by the end of the week was really having a good time. We would ride over bumps and she would giggle and tell us she "loves the bumps." It is fun to start to do a little more 'big girl' stuff with her. Every year I like to get a little family sea doo picture, but it didn't happen this year, so we will have to settle with a tube picture. She also rode on the tube a little bit. It was pretty funny to watch her. She took the whole thing very seriously.
The new sport this year was Body Whomping. Basically you hold the rope and are pulled. Justin wasn't a big fan, but it was pretty funny to watch. The prep was the best part, the boys would duck tape their shorts to their bodies so that they wouldn't fall off.

We had a good time playing around. Here are just a few beach and hanging out pictures.

(Emily and Logan. Logan is Justin's sister Jessica's little boy who was about 10 months here.)

(The Island is the main space for relaxing. This year Emily dubbed it "Emily's pool")

I didn't take as many pictures this year as I have in years past, but here are a few of the boys having a good time and doing what we go to the lake to do.

Here are so cute displays of family love.

Thanks Kris and Kathy for a fun trip!