Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zoo Time!

A couple days ago Emily and I went to the zoo with our friends Kristen and Tyler. Tyler is Emily's newest little friend in our ward. Kristen watches Emily for me while I teach piano and Emily LOVES going to their house. There are 4 kids, a dog, and a park next door. Heaven. With the scary winter ahead I have been trying to do as much outside as I can so we hit up the New England Zoo. Not the greatest, but not too shabby either.

It was especially fun for Emily at the age she is. She would talk to the animals as if she was their best friend. There were monkeys sitting by the glass and she went up to it, looked it straight in the face and said, "Hi Monkey. Hi Monkey! My name Emy." And then proceeded to giggle uncontrollably. Her and Tyler would go from exhibit to exhibit checking out the monkeys, gorillas, bats, snakes- typical zoo stuff.

Another funny Emily conversation was between her and the lion. The lion was asleep. She kept yelling, "Wake up Lion! Wake up! No Sleeping." It was really cute.

Speaking of cute. There was a two month old giraffe. That is what the kid-os are looking at in the picture.

Fun times!

Mini Golf

Last weekend we went with our friends Bob, EmmaLee, and Ezra minature golfing. We took a beautiful drive up to Kimball Farms. (Sidenote... If you are ever in the Boston area, Kimball Farms has the most delicious ice cream I have ever had. ) Along with delicious ice cream came a beautiful minature golf course. I'm thinking that real golf courses are not as pretty as this one. There were streams that ran through, waterfalls, water wheels, and gorgeous massachusetts trees. Anyways, it was rather difficult keeping Emily under control since she kept wanting to "jump in the water." To be completely honest, she did kind of take an unplanned little swim. Just her arms though. So the results of mini golf were a three way tie between EmmaLee, Bob, and myself and Justin was close behind. Here are some pictures of the course and Emily playing around.

Princess Potty

So Emily is growing up. Our latest great accomplishment is getting rid of the pacifier. Oh it was hard. It was really hard. As of late we have learned to combine strategic movies into manipulating Emily. Today, for example, she did NOT want to take a nap. Crying crying crying. It's been a week almost 2 and she'll still cry for her paci. I did the only thing I could think of. I put on the Minnie Mouse puppet. Minnie told Emily that she was sssssooo tired and wanted to take a nap and asked Emily where the crib was. Once Minnie was in the bed, she asked Emily if Emily would take a nap with her. Emily was more than willing to oblige. 2 hour nap-no crying. Crazy, but it works. We did the same thing at bed time. Worked again.

Anyways. We decided we would get Emily her own special potty. Sometime in the future we want her potty trained, so we figured getting her use to having a potty around would be helpful. She LOVES it. She actually tells me she has to go to the bathroom about a million times a day. 99.99% of the times she just wants to play. Anyways, she was successful one time. But here is our little princess on her princess potty. I think it's kinda funny how intense they make these sorts of things these days.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

So I have somewhat mentioned this before, but our little Emily is quite the singer. She LOVES to sing songs. Her favorites are: Princess Song (I know you from Sleeping Beauty), Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid), I Love to See the Temple, Jesus Wants me for Sunbeam, I Am Like a Star Shining Brightly, The Daddy Song, Happy Family, After Today (Goofy Movie). Yes, this is quite a list. I wasn't kidding when I said she loves singing. Granted, singing is filling in the blanks of certain words, but come on- still pretty cute.

Here is one of my favorite songs she has ever sang. Yes this post is a little late, but better late than never right? Enjoy...


Monday, September 14, 2009

Curly Sue & Baby Lyla

Remember my baby who had no hair. Well she still doesn't have lots of hair, but look what the Boston humidity did to it! Isn't it gorgeous!! We even have ways to trick her into wearing hair clips for a little bit. Just wanted to show off her curls.

So since Emily loves all things "girl" now (tea parties, shoes, princesses, etc.) of course she LOVES baby dolls. Her baby doll of choice is cabbage patch Baby Lyla. Emily loves to feed her bottles, give her pacis, sing her songs (she'll sing "rock a bye baby, rock a by baby" over and over), changing her diaper, everything a mommy does for a baby Emily does for Baby Lyla. Emily also has a very very specific way that she holds her. Sometimes when I hold the baby, I do it wrong and this greatly upsets Emily to the point where she won't let me hold her anymore. It's pretty funny how upset she gets. "NO MOMMY, DIS WAY. NO WAY MOMMY!!!"
So here are a few shots of my curly sue with her Baby Lyla.

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Labor Day Opening Social

On Labor Day our ward had its opening social. We have only been here a few weeks, but we really love our ward so naturally we were really excited. The theme was "County Fair" and there was a pie making contest. Justin particularly enjoys contests so I signed him up. I'm not the biggest pie fan, but I do like chocolate pie, so I signed up to make sure there was at least one chocolate pie there for me to eat. Here are lovely photos of our pies. Neither of us won "Best Pie", but I did have high standings in Best Looking and Most Calories per Bite. Pretty impressive since it was a pie from a box :)

And of course, here is Emily's collage looking rather gorgeous. They have peppermint lemons for the kids. They just stuck a piece of peppermint in the lemon and sucked away. Good thing Justin is going to be a dentist because I think this one time thing could possibly have left permanent damage.

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Along with delicious food, there were fair games. Here are pictures of Emily helping Justin at the tug of war and to the side, Justin and our friend Bob working together to lose miserably at the three legged race. Just kidding, they did great.

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