Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowy Weekend

Last weekend Justin had a Friday and Saturday off of work so we took advantage of the opportunity to come visit June Lake. We came to visit Great Grandma Connie and Great Grandpa Ron as well as enjoy the winter wonderland. On Friday Justin and I went skiing. Oh my goodness, I forgot how much I love it! It feels so good. Plus it was amazing to spend the day with Justin doing something that we love together.

On Saturday we went into the city of Mammoth and played racquetball with Justin's sister Kati and cousin Garret. I have not played very much racquetball in my day, but it was so much fun. The games were quite intense, but they were not without a lot of laughing! I will throw in Justin and I won :)

On Sunday we bundled Emily up and played in the snow. It was so fun. Keep reading my posts to see more about this. Then in the afternoon Justin headed back down south. Kati, Emily, and I are still up here until Friday. Connie is opening a new spa next Friday, so we are helping get the inventory tagged.

It was a great weekend away!

Maggie, Reba, Wyatt, & Spot

If you had to ask me what Emily's favorite thing in the world is I would have to answer: Animals. At Great Grandma Connie and Great Grandpa Ron's house there is always an animal to play with. There are two ragdoll cats Maggie and Reba and two dogs Wyatt and Spot. Emily always enjoys playing with them, especially the kitties. She follows them around the house and can often be found crawling up the stairs after them. This trip has been more amusing because Emily will see a cat and let out this high pitch squeal and start tromping towards them. Of course to the cat it probably looks like this baby monster coming at them so they book it. Every now and then I can coerce a cat to hang out while I help Emily pet softly. Here are some pictures of Emily playing with the animals, after all they are a really fun part of our trips up here.

Snow Baby

Here are a few pictures of our little snow baby. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her! It was her first time in a big bulky snow suit and it was too funny to watch her waddle around in it. She would fall down and couldn't get back up. It was super cute to watch her try and eventually just roll around. Enjoy pictures of our little snow princess!!


While up in the mountains we decided to take Emily out for some good old fashioned sledding. Emily loves slides and so I had a hunch she would like it and guess what-I WAS RIGHT! Look closely at her face in these pictures. So cute!

A family ride down the slope

Riding with daddy

Emily getting ready to hike up the hill for another ride

Riding with mommy

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Christmas!

I finally have this picture on my computer so I am finally getting to post it. Before we left for Arizona we celebrated Christmas with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Kris. Here is Emily with her fun presents from that morning. She received a Little People farm, outfits, jammies, an Elmo doll, Elmo bath toy, and Elmo movie, and the first sippy cup that she actually successfully drank out of! Emily (and Justin and I) are so lucky to have such great family!


For Christmas Kody received a pretty fun present. It is called and Indo Board and it is a balance trainer. I had never seen or heard of this before we saw one at Justin's cousins' house. Basically there is a roller underneath a board and you stand on the board and try to balance. I personally stay away from it because I know any attempts will be disastrous. However; Kody is excellent and Justin and Kathy have fun on it too. So that is the background information.

So last night we were having a nice evening- Kathy was cooking dinner, I was scrapbooking, Kati was watching tv, Kody was sleeping, Kris was in the office I think, and Justin and Emily were playing. Justin was practicing his Indo Board moves and saw Emily crawling over towards him. He went to get off the board (we all know the Indo Board and Emily don't mix that well), slipped and sadly fell right onto Emily's little size 3 foot. Oh the cry, the instant swelling, and the dark bruising. Luckily for us we know a little snuggling, a pacifier, and Signing Time movies go a long way for her. We iced her foot for a while and luckily a lot of the swelling and discoloration went down. An hour later she was walking, playing, crawling, laughing, and eating just like normal. What a trooper!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Night!

Since we've been married one of Justin and I's favorite things to do together is cook. I was terrified of cooking when I first got married, but with a few decent meals and a great encouraging husband I pretty much enjoy it now. We also both really like good food. Last year we had just had Emily and did not travel anywhere for Christmas. We still wanted it to be special so we made ourselves and some friends a huge delicious prime rib Christmas dinner. We decided to carry that tradition to my parents house this year (they gladly accepted). We had just as much fun making dinner this year. (I will say by "we" I really mean mostly Justin- but I assist). Anyways, on this year's menu was prime rib, mashed potatoes, squash, zucchini, rolls, and green salad. Yum. Definitely a success. We are already looking forward to next year!

Christmas Morning!

Christmas with Emily was so much fun! Since she recently had her birthday, I think she understood the concept of open the paper and there is something fun underneath. She enjoyed wrapping paper more than bags, but had fun with both. She received many fun gifts this year. Justin and I gave her a little piano, Sleeping Beauty, a telephone, one of those toys with colored beads that move along the track (usually seen in a doctor's office), and a rolling toy. My mom and dad gave her a shopping cart, baby doll, a puzzle, and a spin for the farm animal, and some clothes. Camille gave her a baby ABC Book of Mormon. She had so much fun throughout the day playing with all of her toys. Justin even let her have a chocolate out of his stocking.

**side note**
Her newest "cute thing" is when she sees something that she wants to eat she says, "mmmm." There is a lot of fluctuation in her voice as she does it. Sometimes it is sweet sounding, but if she wants something you aren't going to give her it becomes and angry mmmmm- almost a grunt.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hanging Out in Arizona

Justin, Emily, and I spent the week before Christmas in Arizona with my parents and brothers, sister, and sister in law. It was very laid back and fun. the highlight of my coming for both me and my parents is the transition of parenthood of Emily. Between everyone doting on her, I get lots of time to hang out with Justin, run errands, take naps, and do all of those things you don't get to do with a one year old. So a few of the fun things we did this week:

Ate delicious food, including this homemade pizza! All ingredients came from our favorite store- Fresh and Easy!

Hiked Squaw Peak- a mountain in downtown Phoenix.

We went to the temple lights at the Mesa Arizona temple.

Played in the back yard on the swing and watched for the ducks.

Visit To Santa

To visit Santa this year we took Emily to Bass Pro Shop. This is a little unconventional to the usual mall trip that takes place. However, I must say- good idea. So of course three days before christmas all places will be crowded, but this store gives you a time slot to come between, so you don't wait in line as long. While you wait you can participate in many activities. You can shop, play on the little kid rhinos, pet fake reindeer, color pictures, play this shoot at target games, and I think there were other activities that i can't remember. This was way more appealing then just standing in line at the mall- plus we could take pictures with our own camera. Anyhow, I trip to Bass Pro shop was fun for everyone.

As far as the actual sit on Santa's lap went. Well Emily wasn't too excited to be thrown at a strange man, but she did okay. Justin and I hid because she is a little mommy/daddy-clingy these days so Matt (my brother) actually took the picture. So it was lots of fun.