Outdoor Heritage Day

The town next to ours held "Outdoor Heritage Day" this morning. I saw the flier and thought it looked like fun. We headed off bright and early (I tend to like to be at things like this as soon as they open). We were a little late, but it wasn't too bad. First thing when we got there, we picked up our fishing poles and went over to the pond to fish for a little bit. Me and Lyla lost interest pretty quick, but Emily and Justin hung around for a little while. 

Next we headed over to the little archery range. They had child size bows and 2 fun targets, balloons and a dinosaur. Lyla got to go first. With her first arrow she hit a balloon and her victory dance was awesome. She didn't have as much luck after that, but she did nail the dinosaur in the leg.

Emily did great too. She came pretty close to hitting a balloon just about every time.

The Park Service was there with one of their Ranger boats. It was pretty cute that they made the kids put on life jackets to go on it, even though it was parked on land. Always teaching good habits I guess.
Our next adventure was mining for gold. This concept was a little trickier to understand, and lost interest pretty quickly. I mean seriously, who wants to wash dirt for very long?

A couple of booths had bean bag tosses set up. Lyla was amused every time. 
Here is an informational booth about tying flies. 

Each girl took a turn shooting bb's at a target. They thought they were pretty cool (and they were.)

All and all it was a pretty fun morning. It was really windy, so that took a toll on us and we were a very tired family.


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