Beach Day

Earlier this week we were in California at Matt and Christi's in Huntington Beach, so naturally we had to have a beach day. I miss being by water so much! Even in Boston we could go to the harbor or the beach, so it felt so WONDERFUL to be back in the sunshine, digging in the sand. I'm already scheming how to get back there. (This time with daddy of course). 

Look at these kids!

It was Clara's first time at the beach. She loved the sand and since she has started moving everywhere, so became quite messy, quite fast. 

Still stinkin' adorable though. 

She and Parker had a little truffle over the truck :)

Parker is ridiculously cute any day of the week, but when you put that boy in the sand at the beach, he takes cute to a level very few kids reach. 

This picture makes me laugh

 This one makes me smile

I love my girls!

 It was so nice to play with Lyla that day. No temper tantrums, no meltdowns, just my fun, adventurous, sweet daughter. 

"How do you like this pose Mom?" 

My stud nephew Westin hard at work.

My mom had a tough week babysitting and then dealing with the transmission in her car going out, so it's a good thing she was surrounded by these munchkins to keep her happy :)


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