Life at the Hospital

Spending a couple days at the hospital with just my little Clara was great. The girls and I made a little heart garland to decorate her bed with. The nurses all thought it was really cute. 

Of course there were big sister visits. Isn't this picture horrible?! However, it's about as good as it gets when it comes to girl group shots. I don't take a lot of pictures at the hospital, I always look horrible. Give me a couple days and I start looking normal again. :)

 Justin on the other hand always looks very dashing holding his baby girls. 

 I could not get enough of Clara in the hospital. I hardly turned the tv on, I just sat at watched her. This hospital had these cute little dinosaur blankets which I guess is fitting because apparently they discovered dinosaur bones around here. 

One weird thing about this hospital is they didn't put little shirts on the babies. I brought some, but Clara had some spit up issues and all of the ones I brought got dirty, so baby girl had to be naked a lot.Good thing we had lots of blankets. 

Emily LOVES to hold Clara. She would hold her all day long if she could. Lyla on the other hand would not hold her at the hospital. "Baby Clara is too heavy" is what she would tell us. 

Finally we got to take her home. My mom stayed with the girls so it was just Justin and I on the trip home. We stopped by his clinic and showed Clara off to his co-workers and then had lunch at Cafe Rio before taking Clara to her new home. 


Paula said…
Congratulations to you guys! What a cute family you have.
Laura said…
LOVIN her dark hair! Our third has hair that dark too; lovely! And such a beautiful name! I love the process for now you decided on her name.
Congratulations! Your girls are adorable! I may have to steal your heart garland idea. We will be joining you in the little girl club soon. We seriously need to live by each other with our 3 little girls!

She is so beautiful!!! Congrats! I am, of course, jealous of all that hair. I had Claire as a name on the very short list and Klinton vetoed due to a previous acquaintance. I agree that the days in the hospital with just you and your baby and amazing! But I love the pictures of your kids holding your baby. I'm so happy for you guys! Here's to a healthy winter!

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