Clara Alice Van Dusen

This was our first time going to the hospital not knowing for sure what we were going to name our baby. Ever since we knew that she was a girl there was one name that we really liked. Justin particularly liked it, but as the months went on, I wasn't quite sure I LOVED it. 

A couple of days before we had her we were exploring name lists on the internet. I came across Cora, which had a nice to ring to it, but with Downton Abbey being so popular right now, I just couldn't do it. (Plus Justin didn't like it.) Then I read Clara. It had a great ring to it and I couldn't forget about it. Justin gave me the okay and I started to play around with it. I asked the girls what they thought and Emily really liked it. Lyla said, "How about we name her Claire-Beara". 

The first day and a half at the hospital Justin and I toyed around with both Claire and Clara, trying to decide what was best. We (I- with Justin's permission) finally decided on Clara, and if she turned into Claire, it would be 'for short.' 

We decided when we first had Emily that middle names were going to be family names. Alice is my Mom's Mom, and we thought it fit beautifully with Clara. I hope Clara is like my Grandma Alice. She is hardworking, compassionate, faithful, and has devoted her life to her family. 

Every day that goes by, I love the name Clara and my baby Clara even more. 


Courtney N said…
I love the name! She is beautiful! Congrats again!
She is so beautiful! I kind of love the name :)


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