Friday, July 31, 2009

Professional Oath Ceremony

This past week has been Justin's orientation for school. The week ended with a ceremony where all of the students took an oath of professionalism and received a school pin. I took my camera, but of course it was out of battery. Anyways, it was really good to see everyone and to listen to the Dean a faculty member welcome them into the Boston University family.

In the meantime while all of this official stuff is going on, I am wrestling with Emily trying to keep her quiet. I brought several books, stickers, coloring book, and stuffed animals to keep her entertained, but she was still restless. I knew it would be like that so I sat close to the back door in case I needed to sneak out. Well there was a nice lady sitting next to me who very patiently helped play with Emily during the entire thing. She had introduced herself as Kathy, and asked a lot of questions about Justin and I, but didn't offer very much information about herself. At the very end of the Dean's speech he said he and his wife- Kathy- wanted to meet everyone at the reception. Kathy happened to be helping me with my baby. So at dinner she brought her husband over to Justin and I's table to introduce him to Emily and I and meet Justin. I thought it was very fun to meet her right away on such a personal level.

Now we are back home, still unpacking. So much fun...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello From Boston

Here's a recap of our trip from coast to coast!!!

*So two Sunday's ago Justin and I packed up our car from California and headed to Arizona where we swam and mentally prepared for the long journey ahead.

*On Saturday the 14th (I think) Justin and I started the long trek across the country.

Day 1: Phoenix- Colorado Springs. We had fun visiting with my sweet friends Stefani and Dan who are about to have a baby. It was so fun to see them and giggle with Stef again! I forgot how much we giggled when we got together!Justin in front a sign to see a meteor. We were going to see it, but decided we didn't want to pay $15/person to see it. Maybe next time.

Day 2: Colorado Springs- St. Louis. LONG day! We went through Kansas and Missouri that day. If you ever have the desire to go on a vacation and see a lot of museums, then Kansas is the place. I felt like there were more museums than people there. We've always heard that through Kansas is a very boring drive, but we found it pretty interesting.

Day 3: St. Louis- Eerie PA. Another LONG day! Not to mention we stayed in the ultimate ghetto hotel. Good thing we had a sense of humor. Nothing else really to report about that day.

Day 4: Eerie, PA- Boston. Today we made a few stops. First we went to Niagra Falls. They were SO beautiful! At Niagra Falls

Then we went to Palmyra and visited the home of Joseph Smith, the Sacred Grove, and the Hill Cumorah. I've never really visited church sites before, but after visiting here I wished we stopped at all of them along the way! It was such a wonderful experience. Sometime in the next few years we will go to the Hill Cumorah pageant.
In front of the Sacred Grove, by the Smith Family barn.
The log cabin where the Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith.
Giant scriptures in front of the Hill Cumorah

We rolled into Boston around 9 o'clock p.m. and desperately tried to find our new home. Boston is a maze! I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find our house. We finally found it, grabbed a bite to eat at the pizza place on the corner, bought an air mattress at Target and moved in! There were no blinds on the windows so we spent our first night in our new home on the floor in the kitchen because that is where there is the least amount of windows viewable from people outside.

Our first day in Boston was filled with getting lost, getting lost, getting lost, and then getting lost again. Going anywhere was frustrating. We went to pick my Mom up at the airport, because she is SO WONDERFUL and flew Emily out to us so we wouldn't have to drive her across the country. Biggest BLESSING ever! It was hard to be away from our baby for so long, and it was especially sweet to see her get shy when she saw us. Too cute!

The next few days were filled with hanging out and waiting for the moving company to bring our things. They finally showed up yesterday (Saturday) and now we have a house full of boxes! I have no idea how we (well pretty much I) have accumulated so much STUFF in the past three years. Anyways, unpacking is sssooo much fun-not. But at least we don't have to move again for a while.

Saturday night we went to downtown Boston to check out the Freedom Trail. Sadly enough, we quickly became bored with that and watched street dancers and played in the fountain instead. There was a farmers market going on and I wanted a little carton of strawberries to eat while Emily played. Since it was the end of the day the seller sold me an entire case ( 1 case=8 cartons) of delicious strawberries for $1. I then got a case of pineapple, mango, plums, and little baby oranges all for $1 a case as well. We've been chowing down ever since and it is DELICIOUS! The best $6 I've ever spent on fruit!

We went to church today and really enjoyed our ward. There are zillions of kids and everyone seems very friendly. We are excited to be here for the next few years!

Justin starts school tomorrow- YAY!!! And I will continue to unpack boxes, fun!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Genius Bar

So the helpful people at the Apple store helped me retrieve all of my pictures. Unfortunately my computer is on its way out, so that is sad. But Anyways, we'll blog some more adventures soon!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


My computer died. Now I am in desperate mode trying to figure out to get info off of my hard drive because as we all know we are suppose to back up our information, but I have no pictures backed up since Christmas. Yikes. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So Much To Post, So Little Time

Dear Friends,

I have not forgotten about my blog. Quite the opposite actually. We have had SO many events to blog about lately that I have been too busy having fun and not leaving enough time to journal in between adventures. I will catch up- soon. However, in the meantime Justin and I are busy PACKING (not fun).

We are leaving on Sunday to start our trek out to Boston. We will be in Arizona for a few days and take probably 4 to get to Boston from there. We FINALLY found an apartment out there and we will be living in Belmont.

So, that is why I have not posted in a long time and it may be a little longer before I can actually sit down and catch up!!

I hope everything is going well for you and your families!!
Love ya!