Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Emily's New Friend

My friend Jamie had her baby February 10. His name is Nash and he is Emily's newest friend. He is adorable! Jamie is one of my closest friends, so it has been great going through pregnancy and the new mommy phase with her.

Growing Like a Champ

Brand spanking new!

Only 5 days!!

2 months!!

Cuter than the Average Bear

Emily has this winter suit
that looks like a little bear, complete with ears and paws. It is so adorable! It is still big on her, but it is perfect for lounging. (The baby version of velour :) ).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poem to describe the last two years

Two years ago, yesterday, Justin asked me to marry him. To commemorate here is a little 'poem' with pictures. Ahem...

First comes love...
Then comes marriage...
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

I for one am very glad he asked :)

Many Talented People

Having a baby has made me realize there are some very talented people in this world. Many of Emily's baby gifts have been beautiful homemade blankets! Each one is so cute and special and I thought it would be fun to share them with everyone. Scroll over the quilt to see its creator :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Valentines Day- Better Late Than Never

After a very eventful weekend I have a lot of posts to catch up on, so please be patient. I'll start with Valentines day. It has been fun reading friends' blogs about their romantic Valentines day's and all of the things they love the most. Justin and I wanted to share our romantic day turned disaster with everyone. Here's our story...
It has been a while since Justin and I have had any time alone so Justin planned Valentines day for just the two of us. He made reservations for us at the Roof Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (very romantic restaurant on the top floor of a fancy building in Salt Lake). We even planned on leaving Emily with our friends Lindsey and Brandon. We got all dolled up and it was going to be amazing. 
Well my mom and brother were planning on flying in that night and changed their flight so that they would watch Emily for us. Here was the new plan: Justin and I each drive to SLC. Pick up my mom at the airport, she goes home with the baby and Justin and I head out to romance city. 
Everything is going according to plan until about 6 miles down the freeway when we encountered a ridiculous amount of traffic. I forgot to mention that there is a HUGE snowstorm going on around us. So we sit still for about 45 minutes when we hear that two semi trucks are jack-knifed (or something like that) a few miles ahead of us. Great. Well, we decide if we just sit tight we'll get through. For the next 2 hours I moved about a half a mile. Here's the best part, my little baby in the back seat HATES the car. Every 5 minutes I am turning around, fishing her pacifier out from around her feet and putting it back into her mouth. Eventually I called Justin (in the car behind me) and he switched me cars. That was fun- switching cars in a snow storm, wearing a dress, running on the icy freeway in my no traction high heels. Instead of staring into each others eyes talking about how great the last two years have been, we sent text messages between cars and occasionally called to see what the other person was doing (yes, I know there isn't a whole lot to do sitting in traffic). Okay- on with the story. Eventually we made it to an exit so we could turn around. I'm starving, Emily is starving so we find the nearest gas station. Justin gets me Doritos and a Dr. Pepper and I get Emily fed and we are ready to go. 
We stopped at a cute Italian restaurant and had dinner- the three of us. 
The night didn't go exactly as planned, but that's okay. We got a funny story out of it and I celebrated Valentines day with the two people I love the most in the entire world! 
p.s. Isn't Emily's Valentines outfit adorable?!?!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Many Faces of Sweet Emily

This slide show does a great job of showing some of Emily's cutest faces. One of my personal favorites is the lip pucker. She is starting early with it, and bummer for her Justin and I just laugh at her. The reason it is probably my favorite though is right after I had her and Justin brought her over for me to see her she had her lip puckered. It was adorable. The other little girl in some of the pictures is Ashtyn, my cousin Stacey's daughter. Ashtyn is 10 days older than Emily. I hope you enjoy her cute faces. Thanks to Christi (my sister in law) for taking the lovely photos.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Emily's New Toy- My Lifesaver

This week I bought Emily a Baby Einstein play mat. This is such a fun little toy! She loves looking at lights, and the playmat has a sun that blinks colors right above her (she is staring at it in the first picture). There are lots of little dangly things for her to try and focus on. It is so cute watching her coo, smile, flair her arms, and kick her legs. The BEST part about it, is it entertains her long enough for me to do my hair, do an exercise video, or eat a meal in peace.

Great Grandpa Patch and Great Grandma Judy

On Tuesday Grandpa Patch and Judy came over to visit Emily. We went to dinner at Olive Garden. It was a nice visit. Hopefully they will be able to swing back through on their way back to California.