Lyla getting ready for baby...

3 weeks until my due date. Well, 3 weeks and 1 day to be precise. I'm having my own little panic attacks that luckily are over silly stuff like crib sheets and getting the baby's pictures taken. Luckily I have Lyla around to ease my tension. Here's a couple gems from my little jewel.

*My belly button is protruding out of my stomach and she LOVES this. Constantly she'll push on it and say, "Does this hurt? does this hurt? does this hurt???" or "Your belly button is out like mine." or "I wish I had a baby so my belly button could be like yours.

*"Mom! The new baby is going to STEAL my polka. I am going to cry, and you have to put her on time-out, ok?!"

*"MOM! I found the baby a present!" As she runs in with all of my newborn pacifiers in her mouth.

*"Can we name the baby 'Nemo?'"- asks my original baby Nemo.

*Mom, I am still your baby. I'm not a big girl."

*There was of course the day that she was preparing to kick my stomach after I held her hand there and let her feel the baby kick. "I was just gonna kick the baby back."

*"I will share my crib with the baby. I will snuggle her all night."


Courtney N said…
Only 3 weeks left?! Dang! That went by fast! I can't believe how adorable your girls are. Their quotes are so funny! Good luck with getting everything ready for the big day!

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