Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lyla's Birthday Party

Lyla turned 2 this week and we celebrated Care Bear style. I actually had too much fun planning her party. 

Here is the invite we sent to lots and lots of friends. 

This is our food table. Mostly rainbow themed with a dash of Care Bear here and there.

My friend Brittney made these awesome cupcakes for me. 
 Here's my Care Bear cake. 
 Fruit Rainbow

Veggie Rainbow & Care Bear gummy bears (sent from Arizona because a dollar store had them!!- thanks Mom).

Rainbow lollipops for the big kids.

The beautiful birthday girl.

For additional fun we had
bounce house
swing set
ball pit
rainbow noodle necklaces
design your own "belly badge"

The birthday crew.

The birthday girl blowing out her candles.

Rainbow cake!

Opening presents.

It was such a fun party. I am so glad we were able to celebrate Lyla with all of our wonderful Boston friends. I don't know what we would do without them!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A couple weeks ago my best friend and cousin (1 person) came to Boston to visit. She brought her 1 year old daughter Stella, but left her toddler home with Grandma. Thanks Susan!! 

This post is about our day trip to Rockport, MA. I was first introduced to Rockport as I ran through it in my half marathon a few months ago. It looked like a charming town and Heather would be the perfect friend to explore it with. 

First, we checked out the little harbor. Emily was hamming it up posing her normal picture poses. Our fellow tourists (elderly people) got a huge kick out of her. To me it's normal, but they thought she was hilarious. 

Little Stella was such a good sport. She was tucked in comfy in the back seat :).

One of our first stops was to a local candy shop. Isn't this boat of salt water taffy dreamy!! We came back later for some yummy treats. 

"Way Too Old Boat Ramp" 
I feel like most things in Mass should be labeled Way too old ____

Our gorgeous travel mates

One of the many cool houses/shop

We ate lunch at the Roy Moore Lobster shack. For me this was a dream. It is what I feel like should be all over New England. It was this little hole in the wall restaurant that was not much to look at. 
Inside was a pen that held tons of lobsters (caught that morning). The workers had fun pulling then out and pretending to "get" Emily and Lyla. So you order a lobster, they pull on out and boil it for you. Pretty cheap too. I think we had 2 lobsters (1 each), clam chowder for the girls, fish cakes, and stuff clams. All for less than $20. The stuffed clams were definitely the best. 

I get a little skeeved out eating lobster, but it was pretty good dipped in lots of butter- especially the claw. 

Here are a few of the other store fronts. I particularly love the ice cream store. 

 We stopped in a fudge shop that was in the movie The Proposal! Well, Saundra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds walk by it. Anyways, I thought this Elephant Ears sign was pretty cute.
 Making their fudge
 This is how we roll. 
 Me and my sweetsies. 

Preschool Pics

Here are some pics of Emily with her friends from preschool. I cropped the first one of just her and one other friend, because they are just too darn cute. 
 The whole class
 Being goofy
 My gorgeous little princess.

I LOVE Emily's friends. If I didn't really REALLY love family, we could easily stay here and be happy. If she could grow up with this bunch of friends she would be the luckiest girl on the planet. 

Red Sox Game

Back in August, Justin and I attended our first Red Sox game. Can you believe it, we've been here for 3 year and this was our first one. Anyways, not the best picture of us, but proof we were there. Next time I'm springing for better tickets, it was really hard sitting out where we were.