Monday, March 28, 2011

Beautician by Day- Camper by Night

A good thing about having a little sister is playing beauty parlor. Emily is making Lyla "beautiful!" Lyla doesn't seem to mind either, as long as she gets to play with her big sister.
This past Sunday afternoon Justin and Emily made a tent in the living room. Emily really had a good time that she desperately wanted to sleep in it. That certainly wasn't going to happen, so her Daddy made her a tent in her bedroom that she could sleep in. She was so excited to sleep in her tent that she didn't want stories, songs, snuggles, anything. She just wanted to go to sleep.

Neuroscientist in Training

Boston is home to approximately 1 bajillion colleges and universities. As a result, when Lyla was born in Cambridge (home to Harvard and MIT) we began receiving information in the mail that Lyla could participate in studies about infants through med schools. WELL, I know I have genius children, so I figured I should share their greatness with the research community.

Lyla is the proud participant of a study on racial bias among infants. They will test her at 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 months. The way the test works is they have a television that displays faces of all races (all women) and an eye tracker to track Lyla's eye movement.

The best part for the girls are the incentives. Each girl- Emily and Lyla get a fun toy at the end as well as $20. Lyla will gross $100 this year :). Good start to that college fund right? (The grand scheme is for Harvard to see what a smarty pants she is as an infant and award her scholarship $$ now :). ).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Those Girls Have GOT To Be Sisters

When Emily I was born I looked at that little girl and thought, "This is the most beautiful baby to ever be placed on this Earth." I know- ALL mom's think that. Fast forward 3 years to when I delivered Lyla. Lyla's birth was a little crazy for me and I was kind of loopy at the exact moment Lyla came out. They doctor gave me my new precious baby and I thought I was dreaming. Lyla looked EXACTLY like Emily. It was as if I had delivered twins, 3 years apart.

I keep waiting for Lyla to change drastically and have her own features that distinguish her apart from her sister. Check out these pictures and see if you can guess who is who.

Pretty crazy huh. I'm not complaining though. I think we made a pretty cute set of little girls.

Just Chilling

Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 Month Old Lyla

Our Lyla is 4 months old! (Actually closer to 4.5, but that's how it goes). We still love her to pieces. At her appointment she was 14 pounds and 21 (?) inches- I think I need to double check that. It seems like with Lyla, I don't really pay too much attention to the actual numbers. They just don't seem to matter as much. However, here is the important stuff :)

Lyla is a smiler! Check out this gorgeous gummy grin. I love that a major part of my day is making sure this little girl is happy. She is starting to giggle which is music to my ears. I know Lyla loves me (Allison), but this girl is IN LOVE with her daddy. I will usually be holding her and she will smile, laugh, coo, and give Justin the stare down until he pays attention to her. Then, if he so much looks away from her, she gets mad at him.

Next in line, this little girl LOVES her sister. She will follow Emily around with her eyes and just gawk! Emily can make her smile, laugh, and just be happy. I love when I walk into the living room and find Emily snuggled up next to Lyla or holding her hand. It is so precious to watch Lyla staring at Emily with a sweet little smile on her face. My theory is that they were best friends in heaven, and Lyla can still remember.
Until last week, we were having an issue with getting this little cutie pie to sleep. I will take the inital blame. I loved rocking Lyla to sleep and while she slept. As a mother, those were some of my most tender moments with her. What were not tender moments were 1 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m., every night Lyla waking up. Finally last week, after 4 months of only a handful of decent nights (meaning more than 4 hours of sleep at one time), I cracked open my copy of BabyWise and re-read nearly the entire thing. I knew something had to be done. We made only a few minor adjustments and within a week Lyla has been sleeping like a champ. Last night was 9 hours. Since she has been sleeping better during the night, she is much more content during the day. She will lay down and play with her toes, or hang out in one of the many baby holding devices. I am a much happier/rested mamma so it is a win win win win win all around.

This picture below captures Lyla doing a cute little pose. She loves to play with her toes. I think this is adorable. Sometimes I'll stick her little toes in her mouth and that makes her crack up. Lyla really enjoys her baby toys. She has fully grasped (pun) the concept of grabbing toys and reaching for things. She enjoys her toys that rattle and even more the ones that she can chew on. Still, her favorite item to chew on is my thumb. She is starting to respond to games like peek-a-boo and I am sure she will be sitting up like a champ any day now. We have to strap her in to her infant chair, because we have had several close calls where she will be laid back, but will pull herself up and nearly tumble forward out of the seat.

Since the weather has been awful since her birth, we have only recently ventured out for a few walks. She really enjoys sitting in her the stroller. No crying, squirming, or even sleeping. She just relaxes and enjoys the smooth ride.
4 months later, we are grateful every single day for this beautiful little girl who fills our lives with love, happiness, smiles, and purpose.