USS Contitution

Back in August we were SO lucky to have my parents come and visit. My dad lucked out by having a work conference here, so they were here for a week for that and then a few more days. Awesome.

This year we went down to see the USS Constitution ship. It is the oldest commissioned naval ship. It's from way back when, and still sales on the 4th of July so it's considered still used. Anyways, it was another lovely historical site. Here are some fun pics exploring around.
Grandma and Lyla playing around in line. It was a long wait. Someone in this picture may have snuck onto the boat as well. You have to pass through airport like security to get on someone didn't bring their id. We were ultra stealth and still managed to get on board.
Me with the largest mixer I've ever seen. This was actually on the Destroyer- a submarine also docked there.
Our gorgeous captain steering us to someplace very cool.
Lyla and Grandpa trying out the cannons
The Destroyer submarine. It was reminding my dad of all sorts of cool submarine times.
Justin and the girls playing on the torpedos.


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