Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Koby

Growing up

(Is this what most teenage girls look like these days? Headphones on typing at their computers?)

We love the show Modern Family. One of my favorite scenes of all time (all tv shows included) is when the younger daughter doesn't want to be seen with her mom and then her mom totally embarrasses her in front of her friends about buying a training bra. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you are really missing out. Anyways, here is a little something Emily told me this morning.

I just told Emily she gets to go play at her friend Audrey's house...

Emily: "You can drop me off and pick me up later. I can go by myself Mom."

I suppose I'll wait in the car :).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our trip to Ixtapa

Allison and I got the very rare chance to go on vacation sans Emily so we jumped at the chance and left Emily with her grandparents while we took off to Ixtapa, Mexico for four days. We went to an all-inclusive hotel called Melia Azul. When we got there we learned that since this resort was close to Mexico City a lot of locals vacation here so we weren't surprised to be surrounded by tons of Mexican families. This post will be a little out of order because we haven't blogged about our trip to Lake Nacimiento with my family but since some pictures are on one computer and some on another this order is just easier.

That's our hotel in the background. We loved the "all-inclusive" part of it. Allison's favorite drink was a Mickey Mouse (cherry coke) but she was always too embarrassed to ask for it by that name. Those boats are water taxis that take you to an island just off the coast. We took a little trip out there one day.
This was our visit to Ixtapa island. They have snorkeling and places to eat lunch. We saw a bunch of interesting looking fish there. There was coral all over the beach; so much that it was hard to get in and out of the water because it hurt your feet.

Our lunch on Ixtapa island. We had a lobster and shrimp combo that was pretty awesome. Most of the foods were pretty good, especially when we ate at the specialty restaurants. We were only supposed to eat there once but Allison turned on her womanly charm and got us another night at the nice restaurant.

Enjoying her limonada on the island. They always make lemonade with carbonation there. I still can't decide whether I like it better that way or not.

Our ATV tour. This was my favorite part of the trip. We went charging through streams and mud pits and drove on the beach. We were a little worried with Allison being pregnant but we discovered that the ATV ride was smoother that driving on the messed up streets in Boston.
On the beach with the ATV. There was a sign nearby here warning to watch out for crocodiles. We also saw giant crabs walking around in the forest.

Allison wishing I would let her drive

These are the other people in our group going through this super deep mud pit. This kid got stuck shortly after this. He ended up getting out but his dad behind him got stuck too and had to get help from the guide.
The same mud pit. Look how high up the water is. We had to raise our legs so they didn't get soaked

The other family from our group. Coincidentally, they happen to be from Rancho Santa Margarita which, for those of you that don't know, happens to be the town right next to Coto de Caza where I'm from. Weird.

Our romantic sunset photo shoot. This is from our hotel looking out at Ixtapa island.

Isn't she beautiful. That smile is why I married her.
Some nerd Allison took a picture of.

Our trip was amazing. We ate good food, we relaxed by the pool and read books, we bought some trinkets and OTC drugs that super expensive in the US; all the things you do on vacation and we loved every minute of it. We decided that 4 days was the perfect amount of time because by the end we were just starting to feel ready to go home and despite one scary flight and a nasty flight attendant we made it back. We weren't sure whether Emily was happy to see us or not because her grandparents took her to the beach and the OC fair and Disneyland so she had a great time while we were gone. We are glad to be back but we will miss the tropical paradise.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Somebody Loves her Daddy

Justin has started his second year of dental school, but really hasn't been gone a whole lot yet (it's day 2). Emily is really feeling the pain of it though. Here are some conversations from today.

1. (On our way to the park)
E: Mom, where is daddy at?
A: Daddy is at school today.
E. But I want him to be at our house!

2. (On our way to swimming lessons after Emily got in trouble for being mean at the park)
A: Emily, it really makes mommy sad when you are mean to your friends.
E: It makes me really sad when Daddy goes go school.

3. (Passing the dental office Justin worked at over the summer)
E: Mommy, let's go to Daddy's work so I can see him.

Not to mention that I had to wake her up from her nap to go pick Justin up. She was in a deep sleep until I said, "Let's go pick up daddy." Then it was jump out of bed and act as though she'd never been asleep at all.

I think I am no longer the favorite parent.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I signed Emily up for swimming lessons at our local pool thinking it was going to be a totally fun thing to do for a week. I couldn't have been more wrong. She cries the entire time! I realize she's 2, but the girl LOVES to swim so I don't understand it at all. Justin and I made the bribe that if she can make it through lessons without crying we will go out to ice cream. Even that doesn't work. Sheesh. Wish us luck that tomorrow goes better than today or yesterday.

She is still pretty adorable in her cute swim suits though.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fourth of July Camping Trip

This past 4th of July we went camping at Camp Joseph. It is a church owned camp ground at the place where Joseph Smith was born. It is quite the fun place. There is a large grassy area perfect for sports, a pond where we swam and others caught salamanders, tent campsites, cabins, and great fire pits.

Here are Emily and Ezra making home at the campsite.
They were great fire starters. They both stood there and blew air onto the fire to try and start it.
Here is Emily in her 4th of July getup. I'm kind of a dork, but I saw this shirt on a craft blog I look at and it was pretty fun to make.
Here's daddy doing another face painting masterpiece on her. (Remember the tiger face??)
All finished. Complete with crown my friend Mindy made all the kids.
We came up with a few crafting ideas for the kids to do while we were there. Here are EmmaLee and Ezra Bowling making eagle t-shirts.
Mindy also constructed confetti poppers for the kids. They were a big hit but not so much fun to clean up after. (Actually, we just swept the confetti in the rocks... don't tell).
Emily and her friend Audrey had a grand time playing with sponges and buckets. Oh to be young again.
Modeling the finished eagle shirt. The kids also played all night with glow sticks and sparklers.
Our attempt at getting a picture of all the kids. It just shows what a good time everyone was having.
We are grateful to have such great friends and to live somewhere where we can do all kinds of fun stuff!