Friday, April 30, 2010

First visit to the dentist

Emily had her first dentist visit this week. All week we had her practicing opening her mouth and we tried to brainwash her into thinking that it was a fun/happy event. We even scheduled it at the dental school with our friend Bob, who Emily knows very well, so she would be more comfortable. All went well until it was time for Emily to sit back and open her mouth. Well, she opened her mouth but lots of screaming came out of it. Daddy basically had to hold her still while Bob and the faculty got a look in her mouth (Mommy got sent away because she wasn't tough enough). In the end she got stickers and a new toothbrush so she was smiling on her way out the door. Hopefully next time Daddy will be the one looking at her teeth and we can avoid the screaming.

This is her before the appointment with Daddy helping assist the dentist

Emily with "Doctor Bob". She's holding her new princess toothbrush so things ended on a happy note for her

Cousins, cowgirls, and kitties

Here's a few more pictures of Emily and Allison's visit to the west to see family

Emily and her grandma and great-grandma

Aunt Jessie, Aunt Katie, Logan, and Em

Look how excited all of the cousins were for this picture
Petting the big horse with Megan
These two cowgirls know the ropes when it comes to mini-horses

After this visit Mommy is a little less opposed to getting a kitty

This trip is a little overwhelming to document. After we were in Arizona for about a week, my mom, Emily, myself, and our friend Birdie drove up to Utah. I wasn't too worried about it because I fly with Emily, so a car ride can't be much more difficult. Wrong. Besides complaining about being in the car seat over and over again, Emily threw up twice. It was so nasty. Instead of unloading the whole trunk to dig through my suitcase for new clothes, we just stopped and Emily got 2 new outfits.
The first night we stayed with my Aunt Iris out side of Provo. Emily was WIRED when we finally took her out of the car. It was kind of difficult to get her to fall asleep. We woke up the next morning to SNOW! Over breakfast Emily informed me that since there was snow outside she wanted to go skiing. Really? So, I can only assume that the olympics made a really lasting impression on her, or she is a ski prodigy. Hopefully the latter. As we drove into the provo, the skiing talk continued. "I go skiing on those mountains by myself mom." Sure Em. Anyways, once we were in Provo we picked up Christi and Westin, and visited some friends. We had lunch at my favorite- Magelby's Fresh (Yum), took Emily to BYU, and then drove up to Logan to see my cousin Heather and meet Baby Noah. We had lots of fun visiting, eating delicious dinner, and playing with Noah. He is so cute and little, ah I wanted to melt. To finish the day off we drove all the way to Idaho Falls to my Aunt's house.
The next day a couple of my cousins brought their little girls over early to play. My Aunt Susan is also notorious for ALWAYS having kittens at her house. This visit they were about 6 weeks old and so adorable. Emily was in love. If we wanted to get her to do anything, all we would have to do is bribe her that she could play with the kitties. That afternoon, we took the kids over to one of their houses to play with the mini-horses. Then that night pretty much all of my cousins and their kids came over for a family party. It was pretty crazy having so many little ones running around, but it sure was fun.
The next morning, my cousin took Emily and I over to his friends' farm when Emily got to see pigs, cows, goats, horses, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats, and horses in a real "farm" environment. She was pretty scared of most of the animals, but I think they were just as scared of her. When we got in the car she goes, "Those pigs were dirty!" That afternoon we went over to Justin's sister Jessica's house and visited with her, Kati, and Logan. It was fun to see them. Jessica brought Emily back a mumu dress from Hawaii, it was so cute. Logan is such a cute little butterball.
After that visit we headed back down to Logan. We stayed in a hotel and Emily swam and swam and swam. That little girl would swim all day every day if she could. The next morning we went to Noah's blessing which was really special and fun. After the luncheon all of the cousins, Westin and Christi headed back to Idaho. I was sad to see them go. We got to spend the afternoon at Heather's. The next morning I flew back to Boston. We were happy to see Justin and he was happy to see us, but man oh man, we had a fun trip!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Princess Emily and Prince Aaron

Last night our church put on a "Church Prom" for the teenagers. They do it for all sorts of reasons, but mostly I think it is just another opportunity for the kids to have fun. Real school prom was a few weeks ago, and Aaron and another friend decided to take this one a little less serious. They got their suits from a thrift store and got some ridiculous glasses from who knows where. Of course they cleared it with their dates and they were good sports.

My mom was making all of the corsages and boutonnieres for the kids in the morning and Emily just had to have one. Even to the point where all of the other girls' were in the fridge, so Emily didn't want to wear hers, she wanted it in the fridge. Anyways, before the group got together I let Emily dress up in her princess attire and have a little photoshoot with her handsome uncle. I think they look dashing.

We went up to the restaurant where everyone was meeting up to take a group picture and pictures of a few of the couples. When Emily saw the girls in their pretty dresses she goes, "Look mommy, princesses." It was pretty fun. Even though this is an Emily blog, here's Aaron with his cute date.

And of course the group of boys

Emily and the Pig Pen (literally)

Emily and I are on a little vacation to Arizona. Our first stop was to go to the county fair. A friend of my mom's daughter had a pig up there that she was showing so we went to visit her. She let Emily into the pen to pet her giant pig. Emily even helped clean him up by dumping straw on him and then wiping him off with a brush. This was one big pig! It was pretty fun to watch Emily play all over him. Luckily for us Joe Dirt (the pig) was a nice pig who really didn't care if a two year played clean up all over him.
Of course since it is a county fair there are rides and games and what not. It was so funny when we were walking around Emily was shaking with excitement looking at the rides. She kept yelling, "Look MOM! Look at that!" Pointing to different rides. So after visiting the animals we went to let her do a few rides. However, as we were buying tickets they ladies at the window said kids had to be 36" to ride ANYTHING, even with an adult. (Emily is about 30"). Man oh man was she ticked when we had to take her away. Of course Grandma makes everything better by taking her to a park that had little rides for kids. She rode a carousel, a plane ride (similar to dumbo), a spinning ride, and a helicopter ride. We finished the day off with her very own ice cream cone. Thanks for a fun day at the fair Grandma.

Why Sleep When you can Play?

So sometimes at our house Emily has a hard time taking naps. One day after she played for about an hour I went in to check on her and found that she had somehow pulled her Princess tent into her bed and was playing with her dollies in the tent. She thought she clever, I was annoyed at first and then learned to laugh.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fixed Video

I played around with the red light green light video and it is better than it was yesterday. So if you looked at it and got sick of staring at the door you can try it again and see a much cuter little girl.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Red Light Green Light

We did a family home evening on 'obeying mommy and daddy' today and played Red Light Green Light
afterwards. Emily got way more into it than I thought she would. It was pretty fun and definitely a
game we'll have to play again.
p.s. Please ignore the mess. It is laundry day and it isn't quite done.


Here are a couple videos of Emily doing her 'exercises.' The first time I learned of these she was in a downward dog type yoga position and I said, "Emily, what are you doing?" She looks up and says in the most 'duh' voice ever, "I'm doing my exercises Mom." Since then we've done sit ups, push ups, and some pretty sweet dance moves. Here's to our little work out baby.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Morning

Easter morning was fun. It was cute telling Emily that the Easter Bunny had come to our house and hid her basket. She ran around the house with Justin trying to find it. She finally found it in the bathroom. What made it even more funny for me, is our house was a mess that morning. Total mess. We'd been so busy the last few days, it was just bad. I was joking with Justin that we could have put in the middle of the living room and it would have looked hidden. Anyways, here it is all full of fun things.
Here is our little sweetheart in her easter dress with her basket. I really need to redo this photoshoot since some of the trees are actually slightly bloomed now, so you may see a similar picture pop up in the next few days.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We certainly did. We especially enjoyed taking the time to think about the sacrifices our Savior made and the wonderful blessings we enjoy because of it. I am especially grateful that the Savior died, and rose again. I know that I also have the potential to that and live with my beautiful family forever.

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday afternoon we went to some other friends' house for a picnic and egg hunt. This was so great on so many levels. It was a beautiful day and it felt so wonderful to sit in the sun and just soak it up. The kids loved playing in the yard with toys, trikes (Emily could even ride one), and friends. The egg hunt itself was pretty dang cute/fun. They let the 'little kids' (ages 1-3) have a head start and then the older kids joined in. Here are some pictures and little commentaries.

Here are the 'little kids' getting their detailed instructions and getting ready for their "GO!"
The take off: They all ran as fast as they could to the front yard, where the Easter Bunny had been spotted. Emily was so excited she forgot her basket. Good thing her daddy was there to help her. We also use this picture as motivation to have running practice with Emily.
The search. Emily liked to go for the hardest eggs to get to. The ones that were in the absolute middle of the poky bush. Whatever floats her boat I guess. There were times in the egg hunt where the 'Circle of Life: childhood edition' was very clear. Emily or another smaller child would be within fingers reach of an egg when an older kid would just snatch it. At first I was kind of bugged, but quickly realized, hey- that snatcher is gonna be Emily in a couple years. It'll all be fair in the grand end.

Okay, this picture alone doesn't mean very much, but as she was pointing to her basket she was very excitedly exclaiming, "This is MY basket. These are MY eggs." over and over to anyone who would pay attention to her.
Emily with her beloved eggs. She would soon learn there is CANDY in these eggs. Then she would truly fall in love with easter eggs.

These are the bunny butt cupcakes Justin made while I took a nap. Cute huh.

Some of the eggs had a "prize" ticket inside it. If so, you got to pick a prize out of a bucket. I tried to get Emily to pick a beach ball, color crayons, bubbles, etc. but nope, she had her heart set on this slinky. Believe it or not, 6 days later it is still fully in tact.
So we had a wonderful time at our little easter picnic/egg hunt. Thank you to all of our friends for putting it on. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Dying

The Saturday before East was full of all sorts of Easter activities. We started the day off with an egg dying party at the Bowling's house. Emily loved to drop her eggs in the colors, but didn't really like waiting for them to be a deep pretty color. Oh well, 2 year olds don't seem to come with very much patience.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blustering Spring Day

I know I win the award for worst blogger of 2010, but I will try to do better.

Last Saturday if you looked out the window it looked like a beautiful day. The sun was shining so when our friends invited us to go kite flying, we jumped at the chance. Unfortunately it was freezing, but we still had a good time. This particular park had a large hill and a giant slide going down the hill. Emily had fun sliding down over, over, and over again. We are excited for spring to really happen and not just fake us out.