Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Story Meets Vida La Vida

So I haven't figured putting you tube videos straight onto my blog yet, so if you're interested you'll have to click on the link. It is a really cool piano/cello arrangement of Taylor Swift's Love Song and Cold Play's Viva La Vida. I happen to love both of those songs, so this video is pretty awesome. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful day. I love Easter Sunday. The talks and lessons at church are always very inspirational and I love celebrating the resurrection of the Savior. Here are a few pictures of the greatest blessing in Justin and I's life- our beautiful daughter.

Below is Emily's dress and basket. The contents this year are: a homemade dress :), sandals, a bracelet, primary songs cd's, the nursery manual, Book of Mormon stories, and a pop up color book.
Emily enjoying the contents of her baskets.
Emily hanging out in her dress in the backyard after church. She's such a sweetheart.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sidebar Links

So I am going to make a new addition to my blog. I am going to add sidebar links to some fun websites. The first one I am adding today, everyone should check out. This lady is so cool. She finds the most fascinating "deals". For example:

1. This website provides gift cards to restaurants at discounted prices. Then you can type in a code at the end to get an additional discount. Right now (through April 13) the code is SEASON and you will get 60% more off. Anyways, get some gift cards to  yummy places :)

2. She informs you of interesting things that just go on. Home Depot has kids craft day the first Saturday of the month. Kids get to make a free craft and get a child size orange apron- cute huh! 

Anyways, she also has TONS of coupon-ing information if you are interested in that. 

So, check it out. Thank you Britney for posting it on your blog so I could find it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In The Motherhood

I feel like I have been inducted into the real world of motherhood today. So far it's been all story time, cute outfits, and an occasional couple hours up at night. However, today Emily came down with the flu- I think. Anyhow, Emily threw up all over me! Twice (each time she ate)! It was so unbelievably disgusting. I would like to proudly say I was able to quickly get her into the laundry room and bathroom so the mess was controllable. Anyways, Emily is on her first diet of saltines and ginger ale. Luckily for all of us I have no pictures to document this. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

This week has been a beautiful week to ring in spring. Granted in southern California there isn't much distinction between winter and spring, but lately it has just felt more like spring time. To celebrate the season this week was full of spring things. 

1. Sugar cookie enrichment. A lady in our ward taught us how to bake and decorate sugar cookies. It was a fun night full of giggles, burnt cookies, delicious cookies, pretty cookies, and cookies that fell apart. We had a good time and luckily came home with a few "pretty" cookies. They tasted delicious too. 

2. For playgroup this week I hosted an Easter Egg Hunt. It was lots of fun too. I took 3 pictures because I was busy chatting. (Funny how that happens). Anyways, there was a great turn out and the kids seemed to have a good time. Here is Emily picking up an egg, not quite sure what to think of it. It eventually made it into her basket. Christi and my friend Jeni came too. It was great to see them. Check out Jeni's blog (Jeni & Jason) to her fabulous pictures from the day. 

3. There are no pictures for the next two things. Justin and I have started an exercise program to prepare ourselves for summer. It's been fun. We've lasted almost a whole week which is record for the two of us together. We seem to go through spurts, but hopefully doing it together will motivate us to stick with it.

4. Lastly, I have been  busy making Emily an Easter dress. I've kind of always wanted to sew her a pretty dress and I thought this would be a good opportunity. When it is completely finished I will post a picture. I don't usually brag about things that I make, but I will say it is SO CUTE!! 

I am so happy spring is here and summer is just around the corner!! Woo hoo!!