Monday, May 26, 2008

Emily's First Swim

Before we left for Mexico, Justin took Emily in the pool for the first time. It was probably too cold, but we were exciteded to try it since she loves her baths so much. The initial shock of the water made her cry a little bit, but after that she enjoyed it. 

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, We Moved

Well on Tuesday we packed up our little house and took off to California. We pulled in Wednesday and have started our new little life. The trip out here went wonderful. We were a little nervous about how Em would do, but she was quite a trooper. It was especially nice since my mom came to Utah to help clean (and basically did all of the cleaning) and then drive with us.

Since we have been here it has been pretty busy. I spent the day with Christi and Matt and then we unloaded the truck into the storage unit. Thanks to all of Justin's great friends and Matt and Christi. After we unloaded we went to The Wing Stop for delicious wings. The night ended with a little Lost and The Office.

We head out for vacation on Sunday and then it will finding jobs for Justin and I.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know where we were and what we were up to. I hope everything is going well for everyone!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Today was my first Mother's Day as a mommy. It was such a fun day. I woke to my darling baby (who slept from 10-8 thank you very much) and my great husband who made me breakfast. Then it was off to church wearing my pretty new necklace with Emily's birthstone- such a special present. This evening we had dinner with Justin's mission president and his wife. They are great people and wonderful friends. The night ended with me giving Emily a bath (quite possibly her favorite thing in the whole world) and snuggling with her before she had to go to bed. I love her so much and wonder everyday how I got to be so lucky to be her mommy. She makes me smile. 

Our New Obsession

We love MarioKart! We just got it and have played tons! We played with our friends James and Paula and even Emily joined in the fun this morning. I'm still not very good, but I woke up this morning and Justin had played for a long time and unlocked every level. Crazy! It is very addicting and very fun! 


Emily doesn't like to lay on the floor, but can't quite site up so my mom got her this latest toy- the Bumbo. Here Emily is having a good 'ole time reaching for toys and playing. When she has had enough she arches her back and tries to pop out. It is pretty funny. My dad posed the question, "Do you think anyone put their baby in the bumbo one too many times?" I'm sure it has happened, and I'm sure it was pretty funny. 

Helping With Chores

Last week we did TONS of laundry. We almost lost Emily in the clothes. Doing the laundry in this apartment has been quite the adventure. Sometimes it is just too much to load Emily up, load up the clothes, and all of us take a trip to the laundry mat, so my neighbor watches her for a few minutes while I run over. Thank goodness for sweet neighbors!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Still Cute!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while- we have been having weird computer issues. Anyhow, here are some cute pictures of Emily for everyone's enjoyment. The one in my bed is one of my favorites, because she loves being in the big bed. We make her sleep in the crib, but she comes and lays with me in the morning and we watch the Today show. 

Here is a little update with us. This is Justin's last week working at Peaks Ice Arena. We are moving next Wednesday to California. Justin is going to look for a job as a dental assistant. So we will see what the next year brings us. In the meantime we are busy packing up our little house. 

Emily is growing like a little spring flower. She likes to stand (with our assistance), loves looking in mirrors, and has recently started growling. It is pretty funny. Hopefully I'll get some videos up soon. Today she actually rolled over from her belly to her back today. I squealed and actually scared her after she did it. She is too cute and too fun!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well blast- I've been trying on and off ALL day to upload pictures, but my computer is being weird and won't do it- so this post will have to be pictureless.


Today is my mother's birthday and I just wanted to post and let her and everyone else know how much I love and appreciate her. I have been blessed with a wonderful support system who encouraged me through all of my endeavors and provided me with SO many opportunities. I consider myself successful this far in life and it is in large part due to her. She helps me through my struggles (learning to be a teacher, learning to be a cook, to be an understanding wife, to be a mother, she even hopped on the first plane she could when I went into labor to be with me as Emily was born.) I could go on and on forever about how wonderful she is, but when all is said and done- Mom, I love you. Thanks for all that you do. I hope that I can be as good of a mom to Emily as you are to me. Happy Birthday.