Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lyla Lately

Once again my family blog has fallen by the wayside for way too long. Today i will highlight little miss Lyla. Lyla's now 17 1/2 months old. She is insanely cute, smart, and funny. Even though we can't get enough of her, once her bedtime rolls around our bodies are more than happy to give her a kiss goodnight and go get a little rest!

She loves to PLAY. We created a little playroom in our back sunroom. All winter it is too cold to play out there, but now that it is warming up a little, some days the girls can go out and play. Lyla stands by the back door and says, "outside! outside!" However, this is a picture of her playing makeup with her princess sister.
I am a HUGE advocate of parents reading to their children. Pretty much from day 1 I read books with my kids. Lyla loves to read, but she also has a very important (to her) nightly ritual that goes along with her reading. It is a compilation of you tube videos that bring her oh-so-much joy.
*Evian babies rollerskating
*I'm Elmo and I know it
*Baby Monkey
The Evian babies rollerskating is hilarious. You can almost see Lyla trying to figure out how those little babies move around like that and how can she get to do it. She even does some of the poses they do.
I love this picture more than words can say. One day Emily had to go on a time out. The girls were playing together and instead of playing by herself for a couple minutes, Lyla stood next to Emily (Emily isn't allowed to talk while in time out) and looked at her book the whole time. I love it!
Oh and of course the ipad. I have to hide it because these two can sniff it out a mile away. "ipad" is one of Lyla's favorite words.
Because the girl can't sit still for more than 32.5 seconds at a time, meal time consists of sitting down, standing up, sitting down, getting down, repeat. When Lyla was smaller I purchased a harness that kept her snug into her high chair. I still use it sometimes, but this particular day I was slacking. The harness is also a MUST for grocery carts. Seriously a nightmare without it.
Signing time. Lyla LOVES her signing time.
If I had 1 photo to describe a typical moment in Lyla's life this is the one. I will at this point remind the world of Emily's nickname for her little sister- "The destroyer."

Seriously though, she is one cool kid!