Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4th of July

Boston's 4th of July Celebration is unbelievable. I'm blogging about it in January and still am in awe of it. If you EVER have the chance or inkling that yo
u want to see something cool- go to Boston for 4th of July.
Anyways, we started our morning out with a lovely breakfast with our friends. I don't know if I have ever said it before, but we have AWESOME friends here in Boston. awesome. Then we went home and... (well I don't remember because it's January). Later in the evening we headed out for fireworks. The big display is shot off right by the Charles river. We knew it would be a mad house so we thought that we would watch them from a park near our house that is up on a hill. I'd seen advertisements so we thought we'd give it a try.

We drove over there and I was very disappointed to see big jump screen set up to show a video feed of the fireworks. I really love fireworks, so I was very disappointed and kind of mopey. My sweet husband knows me too well and knew that this would not make me happy (and a happy wife makes for pretty much happy everything else) so he supported me in going down to the river. We took the T (Boston's subway system) to MIT and started walking around. Crowds were of course already there, but I saw a little grassy spot just perfect for our blanket. What I didn't realize at the time was it was right along the river directly in front of where they shoot off the fireworks.

We had to wait around for a couple hours, but we were able to watch the Boston POPS (symphony) perform their amazing show on screens and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Justin actually decided he wanted to go back to the car to get our lawn chairs so he was gone for most of the waiting.

Once the fireworks started it was so magical! The music selection, the variety, it was so so cool. I can't wait for next year! Justin says once is enough for him so maybe he and Lyla can stay and my other firework lover Emily will come with me :).
Anyways, getting home from there is an even crazier adventure. The show stops and the thousands (millions) or people head for the T. If you are claustrophobic, don't even think about this as an option. Going down the stairs are hoards of people. We had an idea to take the elevator down to avoid the stairs. Best idea I've had in my life I think. The elevator went down and opened right up onto a train pretty much, so we didn't have to wait in a crowd hardly at all.

Loved 4th of July, can't wait for 6 more months when I can do it again!