Monday, May 18, 2009


So maybe it's too late at night, or maybe I'm just a big dork, but I really feel like this picture belongs in People Magazine's "Star Tracks" section. Emily is just minding her own business, looking like a super star with those glasses and hat. I love it.
This one makes me laugh because well it's just cute. She's chatting on my phone, and drinking my Dr. Pepper. Yup, she's mine all right!!

Fun In The Sun

I didn't blog for a few weeks, but that certainly does not mean we were not busy. I would say a large majority of our time was spent outside playing at various activities. Here are some of the everyday activities. They aren't super glamorous, but they fill our days with fun, giggles, and good times. 
1. We got Emily this little ride-in toy. She LOVES it. Not only does she love riding in it, but she enjoys pushing it too. This picture doesn't show it, but sometimes she'll even put a stuffed animal in the car and push it around. 
2. This car is actually one that lives at Matt and Christi's complex. We took it for a little drive down on the boardwalk by the beach. 
3. We went to a little community festival where Emily got to go for a little ride on the merry-go-round with her daddy.
4. Playing at the beach club. Emily loves to swim. She also loves to play with her "shovel" and "bucket". That is what makes the beach club so fun. An artificial beach! No salt water, no waves, just sand and water. What more could a little girl ask for?
5. I think we have the future Lance Armstrong in female form. I bought  bike a few weeks ago and Emily likes to hold onto the back of my shirt and we chug up the hills around the house. 

Second Cousins? First Cousins Once Removed?

Here is Emily with Justin's cousin's little girl Mary. Aren't they super cute! I love seeing the similarities in these little girls. Now I am really excited for August and September when Emily gets a couple of first cousin little boys!! 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Girl

"Everybody knows, that the sweetest thing that you'll ever see in the whole wide world is a happy girl."
~Martina McBride


Emily went to nursery at church today all by herself! The last two weeks we've stayed with her, but knew she would be fine all alone. She loves play time. She really loves snack time. What was most impressive to me was when she climbed up and sat on her chair quietly during the lesson. We are so excited for this new adventure! Church will be so nice and relaxing now. 

Out of the Mouth of My Baby

(This is pretty much a post more for me documenting history- so sorry if you find it long)

So it seems with little Emily this last month she has almost turned into a little girl instead of a baby. She talks and talks and talks and talks. It is funny to Justin and I when she will say a word and we have no idea she even knew that word. Here is kind of a full day of the cute words little Emily tells us. 

She will tell me what she wants for breakfast in the morning. Cereal, eggs, yogurt, and butter (toast) are what she switches between. Of course she has to have "nanna," "awberry," or "apple." Throughout the day she tells me when she wants her "ssnnnnack" or "candy." For lunch she likes to eat "bawk bawk" (chicken) and for dinner she likes "beans" and LOVES "pizza." Her favorite food of all time though is "cheeshe"  She drinks "juish," "milk," or "wadah." She let's us know the temperature as well "hot" or "cold".

She will tell me what she wants to "pay." "Animals," "books," "dolls," "car," "swing," "bubbles," "or "swim."  She can list all kinds of animals. "Kitty" is still her favorite. My favorite is when she tells me she wants to "clean." She takes her wipes and cleans everything in her room. She even plays "mommy" with her "baby." The other day she brought me her baby doll and said "baby poopy." I gave her a baby wipe and she acted like she was changing the baby's diaper. It was too funny.

Getting in the car she knows "cah keys" and "seat." When we go to the "pahk" she likes to "climb" and "slide." Most of all she likes to play with the "kids" and even knows Brooke and Avery's names.

At the library we read books, "sing," "dance," and play with "ball" and "bubbles."

At home she knows everyone's name. She walks around looking for "Kobe" in the morning. When I ask her where her daddy is she says "work." This month Kris and Kathy got a new dog named Monty- Emily calls him Danty. She will say "Danty Come!" "No Danty!" and likes to introduce the puppy to her left overs at lunch and dinner.

When it's time for Sesame Street she likes to watch for "Cookie," "Elmo," "Abby," "Ernie," "Oscar," "Grover," and "Bird." No joke, she knows and loves them all. 

Most recently out of the blue Emily informed us that she wants to "color." Really out of the blue. She has probably never seen a color crayon before, but she knew she would love it. In attempt to not get crayon all over the house I bought her a little magna doodle toy that seems to do the trick. 

At dinner time she will fold her arms and say "amen" when prayer is over. The other night it was just me Justin and her for dinner. She called out in her yelling voice "Kobe, dinnah." 

When it is time for bath she asks for "Elmo bubbies." She likes to put "soap" on her "body." She can say "belly," "eyes," "nose," and most other body parts. When she is all done she wants her "towel." Then she gets in front of the mirror to "dance." 

After she gets her "jammies" on and reads her "book" she gives mommy and daddy "loves" and "kisses" (sometimes real, eskimo, butterfly, or kitty style). Then we sing a song- either "happy" (If you're happy and you know it) or "famy" (I have a happy family). Then we tell her we love her and she says "wubyu". She gets her "paci" and is off to the land of sweet dreams. 

Along with all of these words she talks non sense about every other second of the day. I love listening to her talk and play. I can't believe how fast she's growing up.