Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life at the Hospital

Spending a couple days at the hospital with just my little Clara was great. The girls and I made a little heart garland to decorate her bed with. The nurses all thought it was really cute. 

Of course there were big sister visits. Isn't this picture horrible?! However, it's about as good as it gets when it comes to girl group shots. I don't take a lot of pictures at the hospital, I always look horrible. Give me a couple days and I start looking normal again. :)

 Justin on the other hand always looks very dashing holding his baby girls. 

 I could not get enough of Clara in the hospital. I hardly turned the tv on, I just sat at watched her. This hospital had these cute little dinosaur blankets which I guess is fitting because apparently they discovered dinosaur bones around here. 

One weird thing about this hospital is they didn't put little shirts on the babies. I brought some, but Clara had some spit up issues and all of the ones I brought got dirty, so baby girl had to be naked a lot.Good thing we had lots of blankets. 

Emily LOVES to hold Clara. She would hold her all day long if she could. Lyla on the other hand would not hold her at the hospital. "Baby Clara is too heavy" is what she would tell us. 

Finally we got to take her home. My mom stayed with the girls so it was just Justin and I on the trip home. We stopped by his clinic and showed Clara off to his co-workers and then had lunch at Cafe Rio before taking Clara to her new home. 

Clara Alice Van Dusen

This was our first time going to the hospital not knowing for sure what we were going to name our baby. Ever since we knew that she was a girl there was one name that we really liked. Justin particularly liked it, but as the months went on, I wasn't quite sure I LOVED it. 

A couple of days before we had her we were exploring name lists on the internet. I came across Cora, which had a nice to ring to it, but with Downton Abbey being so popular right now, I just couldn't do it. (Plus Justin didn't like it.) Then I read Clara. It had a great ring to it and I couldn't forget about it. Justin gave me the okay and I started to play around with it. I asked the girls what they thought and Emily really liked it. Lyla said, "How about we name her Claire-Beara". 

The first day and a half at the hospital Justin and I toyed around with both Claire and Clara, trying to decide what was best. We (I- with Justin's permission) finally decided on Clara, and if she turned into Claire, it would be 'for short.' 

We decided when we first had Emily that middle names were going to be family names. Alice is my Mom's Mom, and we thought it fit beautifully with Clara. I hope Clara is like my Grandma Alice. She is hardworking, compassionate, faithful, and has devoted her life to her family. 

Every day that goes by, I love the name Clara and my baby Clara even more. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Newest Baby

Moving to a new town 34ish (?) weeks pregnant is a little nerve wracking. You have to unpack your life, try and make friends, find a doctor, help your kids make friends, get use to new schedules, etc. etc. 
We are really blessed that a lot of this happened pretty natural. Justin did most of our unpacking, one of my best friends in Boston connected me with her cousin who lives here and we (and our kids) became good friends quickly, Justin really likes his job, the girls are happy with rural living, life was just pretty good. I did pick a doctor who I wasn't exactly thrilled with. She was kind of odd, and I decided that wasn't quite what I wanted in a baby doctor. After reading internet reviews of the doctors here, I found one that I thought would be a good fit. I went to my first appointment with him at 38 weeks and 2 days. (Way to wait until the last minute).
My meeting with him was awesome. He was calm, relaxed, confident, and didn't make me feel like an idiot. (We are, and recognize that we are, EXTREMELY lucky in that childbearing is not a struggle for our family) so all of my 'issues' are pretty first world problems. My due date has always been September 2, which I really liked. I wanted a September baby (hello sapphires) and it would be fun to have a baby on Labor Day. 
Here's one time I was reminded, "You aren't in Boston anymore." My doctor told me that he would be happy to step in for my prenatal care (basically deliver the baby), but he would be out of town for the holiday weekend. So if I wanted him to deliver her, he would be happy to induce me a few days early. Early induction??? Had not ever crossed my mind with this baby. I BEGGED and PLEADED with Lyla's doctor, but she said "nope." Anyways, I went home and Justin and I decided to do it. Hurray for no middle of the night surprises and awkward phone calls for childcare. My mom was incredibly awesome and once again said she would come early to help with our girls. 
Tuesday, August 27 rolled around and we woke up in the morning and got all ready to go and "pick up a baby from the hotspital" (as Lyla says). The girls got dropped off at their friends house and we got to the hospital. I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! I had 3 dumb magazines, a knitting project, and 4 outfits for the baby, but forgot my camera. Sigh, good thing I have a cell phone??
A few hours later my mom arrived. She has an incredible friend who works for an airline that gave her a standby ticket to use so she could be there for the delivery and then to help me with my girls (I am the most spoiled girl on the planet & I need to write a thank you card.)
So with inductions there isn't much to write about. They are pretty straight forward. I had an incredible nursing staff, probably my best yet. 
I always get really anxious RIGHT before the baby is about to come, sure enough this time too. I'm not sure why, it's like this huge surge of emotion hits literally in the last minute before each little one has come. It always surprises me. Sweet little baby decided to come in about 3-4 minutes of pushing. Have I mentioned 
There was one exciting moment. Apparently the baby's umbilical cord emerged before she did, which 99.9% of the time results in running down the hallways towards an emergency c-section, but didn't with me. The baby just followed right along with no problems. The doctor kept saying, "That was incredible." "You don't see that everyday." "You guys (the student/resident) may never see that again." Ever since we had Emily, Justin jokes that my body was just made for having babies, maybe there is some truth to that. 
So out pops our messy little bundle of joy. She had the same general look as her 2 sisters. I was pretty exhausted so I laid back, took a little rest and let the staff and her daddy take over from there, and just loved my little one.

Our lovie weighed 7 pounds .09 ounces, to be exact. 
She was 19 3/4 inches long.

From then on out, she was one of the most content babies there ever was. Oh, and of course, most beautiful babies there ever was too. Instant Love.

 I asked the nursing student who was there what kind of nursing she wanted to go into. She was thinking NICU or lactation specialist, but she said after my delivery she was seriously thinking about labor and delivery. My babies are just that awesome. :)