Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lyla's Actual Birthday

Lyla's Birthday Day, October 24 was a FUN day. 
I love being home with my girlees and making their birthday's extra special. We started out by going to our favorite donut shop- Ohlin's Bakery. Apparently they were voted Best Donuts in Boston. I would have to agree. We sat outside and Lyla ate the entire thing. The nice ladies at the store even gave her a free cookie for her birthday. (hint: if you want free stuff for your kids, have them wear clothes that say it's their birthday).

Next we went to our local candy shop Chocolate Dreams to get a brand new Hello Kitty stuffed animal friend and free balloon (once again from the shirt). There is a story behind getting this particular stuffed friend. 

A few weeks ago while we were going for a stroll around town we stopped by this candy store for the first time. Outside of the store, they keep a little dog bowl with dog treats in it. We went inside and the girls got suckers and looked at all of the Beanie Babies. Lyla loved the Hello Kitty ones, especially the giant one. For the next week or so, if I asked Lyla what she wanted to do she would say, "Go to the candy store with the doggy treats and get a Hello Kitty."

So for her special day, thanks to my Grandma Alice, we went and got her kitty.

After nap time (even birthday girls need naps) our whole family went to the zoo. It has become a tradition ( 2 years) that we take Lyla to the zoo on her birthday. There is a gorilla that is the same age as Lyla, by a couple weeks, so it's fun to watch that gorilla baby grow up too. Here's Lyla and Daddy watching the Lion take a little rest. Earlier he was roaring a lot and of course I told Lyla he was singing her Happy Birthday :).
If you look closely you can see the Lion in the background.

 Playing by the Gorilla's. This time Lyla kept saying, "Those gorillas so scary mom. So scary."

 Playing in the crashed truck. 

Really excited, and incredibly cute. 
When we got home I asked her what her favorite animal was. She told me, "The hippo. He was so funny. He was poopin', he was so funny."

After a delicious dinner of tacos, Lyla opened her presents. She got fantastic presents this year, if I do say so myself.

First up, Little People Airplane. Lyla LOVES airplanes. Like really loves them. She is constantly asking me to take her to the airport and always finds them in the sky. So was really excited to play with this. The sound effect says, "Ready for takeoff." She picked the plane up, yells "READY FOR TAKEOFF" and then threw the plane across the room. Obviously it fell to the ground. She turned to me and said, "Airplane's broken Mom." 

Justin's parents got her this fabulous Little People Princess Castle and Emily got her the princesses to go with it. Another hit. She loves this thing, especially the princesses. She plays with them all.the.time. 

We let the girls stay up way past their bedtimes playing that night. I enjoyed sitting on the couch watching my little sweethearts play together. I love Lyla so much. 
Happy Birthday Lyla girl!