Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ranch

The day after Christmas we drove up to Grandma Connie's house 'The Ranch' and met up with the rest of the family. We had a delicious dinner followed by more gifts. That night then turned to game playing with went on basically night and day for the entire duration of the trip.
Emily (wearing pajamas #2 for the evening) took a little time out to play with Maggie. Maggie has been Emily's favorite kitty since-well since forever. This is the first trip where I felt that Maggie didn't necessarily need to be fearful of her life.
It is very easy to be comfy at Grandma's and this was Emily's comfy position of choice. She would say, "More pillows."
Next came the outside fun. I'll first start with the adult outside fun. We went skiing two days and it was so wonderful. I love skiing. Love it. I had never skied before college, and I'm not super great, but the feeling of gliding through the snow, being in the mountains is perhaps one of the greatest highs there is.

Back at the house I took Emily sledding one morning. That was a lot of work! They weren't even big hills, I wouldn't call them little hills, they were miniature hills, but carrying Emily up them was exhausting. She did think playing with Brooke and Lauren was cool. They attempted to build a snowman, but didn't get very far.

Also one afternoon Justin, Kody, Kathy, Emily, and I went out on the snowmobiles. Emily kept yelling, "faster." Then Justin and Kody had built a jump so when Kody would jump, Emily would yell, "GO KODY!" It was pretty fun. Sadly one of the snowmobiles broke so we had to cut that adventure short. We also lost a glove. Bummer.

Here is my collection of snow pictures. Of course, I couldn't pick just one because they all show how much fun we had. The fashion sidenote is: Emily is sporting her new snowsuit she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Van Dusen.

We found some miniature ski goggles. When we asked, "Who wants to go skiing?" Em said, "Emily does!" Maybe next year darling.

Christmas Night

Yes, Christmas morning and Christmas night get two separate posts, because well in between we jumped on a plane and flew to California. Grandma Kathy picked us up and we headed to continue the Christmas celebration. When we got home we ate our delicious prime rib dinner and then opened gifts. Our daughter, who continues to be spoiling by loving grandparents, was in sheer heaven. At this point she thought the month of December was all about opening gifts and getting new toys basically every day. However, one of her favorite new "toys" was Grandma's new kitty Lexi. Emily loved Lexi from the moment she saw her. I am so sad, because I don't have a single picture with Emily and the kitty. Here is Emily and Kati hanging out in the Christmas 'rubble' donning their new clothes and playing with their new toys.

Thank you again Kris and Kathy for all of our wonderful gifts.

Thank You

So this is the end of vacation part 1. As you can see from our many posts we had a great time. There are so many other things that I love about visiting that didn't even get mentioned. Quick run down are: Going to the Mesa Temple, temple lights and telling Emily that is where her mommy and daddy got married, visiting with my friend Meghan who I haven't seen in forever, going to Aaron's soccer games & golf banquet and teaching Emily how to cheer for him, and visiting all of the wonderful people I grew up with. Thank you mom and dad for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts, spoiling Emily even though she was kind of crabby, spoiling Justin and I, and providing a wonderful visit with the people we love the most in the world. We can't wait to see you again!

Christmas Morning

Christmas as a child is magical. Christmas as an adult is awesome. Christmas with a child is unbelievable. It is so much fun to watch them get so excited. I love it. This year started off a little rough with a grumpy girl, but quickly turned good. Emily was so excited as she opened her presents. She received a combination of all of her favorite things. Princess, books, animals, clothes (okay, so that's my favorite thing... but you know, someday...) and of course "play" toys. I love it.

The other great thing about Christmas is the food. I love food. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Delicious. Not to jump ahead in posts, but we had the BEST set up anyone could ask for as far as food goes. We had Christmas Lunch with the Pobst family consisting of delicious prime rib. Christmas Dinner was with the Van Dusen family also consisting of delicious prime rib (and prime rib sandwich for lunch the next day). The day after Christmas Dinner at Grandma Connie's house ALSO consisting of delicious prime rib. I LOVE prime rib, so I was in FOOD heaven. Anyways.. back to Christmas morning....

While eating breakfast, we look outside and see that Santa is getting his morning exercise! Emily went out and told Santa "Thank you" for all my presents.

I can't write about Christmas morning without mentioning our great phone call with Camille. My sister is serving an 18 month mission for our church in Paris, France. Although she sounded just a wee bit homesick, she is doing wonderful. The language is coming along and she really enjoys teaching and interacting with people. We really love her, miss her, and are extremely proud of the work she is doing.

Cute Cousins & Christmas Clothes

One of my favorite things to do being a mother of a little girl is get the Easter dress and the Christmas dress. This year I saw Emily's and knew it was perfect, perfect, perfect. So my brother and his wife were great enough to snap some pictures of Emily. This first picture is my favorite of Emily. I love how happy and beautiful she is.
Here is Emily and I. We took pictures after church and Justin had already changed out of his church clothes otherwise he would have been there too.
Now here is Emily with her cousin Westin. Emily LOVES her cousins. She especially loves to hold them. Doesn't Westin look so comfortable??

One of my favorite pictures ever. I love that Emily is looking up and Westin is looking down. I don't know, I just love it. Plus it shows how stinking stylish both of this little ones are.

My Friend Nash

Nash is my friend Jamie's little boy who was born just a couple months after Emily. She has tons of boyfriends at this point in her life, but Nash was definitely one of the first. We (well mostly me) were so excited that Jamie and was going to be in Arizona for a few days that I was going to be there too. Nash is so funny! His dad plays disc golf pretty intensely, so I hear, and Nash is following in his footsteps. My mom had these paper coasters out for Emily & Westin to play with and Nash instantly noticed them and took his pose for his approach to throw it as a disc. It was SO funny/cute/impressive. Thanks for coming over and visiting for a little while Jamie, I can't wait to see you guys again!!!

Matt & Emily's Birthday

While we were in Arizona it was Matt's 29th birthday. So of course, we celebrated.
The whole month of December, and even still a little now, Emily is obsessed with it
being her birthday. She will even randomly start singing, "Happy Birthday to me.." So
Matt was nice enough to share some of the birthday spotlight with Emily. Here is there
birthday cake. Thanks Uncle Matt for being such a great uncle.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Candy Houses

One of the fun Christmas activities Emily did was make candy houses. Here she is making candy houses with Grandma RaDean. I started out with the final product and Emily's face of choice over the break.
Of course, half the fun of making candy houses is eating the candy :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Santa Clause

Like most of the country taking Emily to see Santa Clause is a yearly tradition. I was slightly nervous that the "2" year would make for a crying, shy, nervous scene so I did the best I could to prepare her. We talked about Santa a lot, watched movies with Santa & Mickey Mouse to show her they were friends, saw figurines, dolls, basically as much exposure as possible. It all paid off. Once we were there Emily patiently waited in line and when it was her turn she walked right up. I think it was actually a little anti-climatic for her. All this hype about Santa and we snapped a picture and it was over. Next year hopefully she'll have a little conversation with him. She also got to go with her cute cousin. Seriously, those are two good looking kids.
(Westin is quite the little photogenic kid-o huh!)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Build A Bear

For Emily's birthday Grandma RaDean, Grandpa Shawn, and Uncle Aaron took her to Build-A-Bear. After showing her all of the options she could create she settled on a puppy dog. She was already excited when she held the empty flimsy dog. she pushed that little peddle to stuff him. She did a great job making him absolutely perfect. Next she put his little heart in.

This picture represents a proud moment for Mamma. The boy finished stitching up the puppy and handed it to Emily. Completely unprovoked she said, "Thank you." Yay!!
The next stop is to the puppy bath. Emily fluffed his fur making him soft, comfy, and perfect for snuggling.
The final step is giving the puppy a name and printing out a "Birth Certificate." Emily's puppy's name is Scruffy Jr.
Thank you Grandma RaDean,Grandpa Shawn, and Uncle Aaron. Emily had a great time and will love Scruffy forever.

Our Super Long Super Awesome Vacation

We just returned from our wonderful Christmas vacation. We visited so many family members and friends the month we were gone FLEW by! Justin and I want to thank our wonderful parents for all of their help in giving us plane tickets, loving (spoiling) our daughter and us so much, and providing one of our best Christmas's ever.

We did SO much over the weeks we were gone that there is no way I can just sit done in one go and blog it all, so wish me luck as I try to catch up. Here was the basic itinerary of the trip.

December 12-December 25 Arizona
December 26-January 1 June Lake, CA.
January 1-January 11 Orange County, CA.
(FUN HUH!!!!)